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Fuji Hibachi Steak House and Sushi Bar Dayton, NJ

Fuji Japanese Steakhouse, Dayton, NJ

Fuji Japanese Steakhouse, Dayton, NJ

Fuji is a friendly BYOB Japanese restaurant located in the Liberty strip mall on Rt. 522 in Dayton, NJ.  Don’t let the outside appearance fool you, because you are sure to have a fun experience inside.  This is a great hometown restaurant with a really warm and family like staff.  They really go out of their way to greet you and remember your name for the next times you come in.  Ren and I always have special requests, and each server will make a point of remembering what they were the next time we have him or her. At Fuji, we always eat hibachi but there is also a sushi bar area as well.Fuji has many regular customers who dine there from the general vicinity. All of the servers are authentic but have easy to remember names. Nancy is usually the host and her husband, Alan is our favorite hibachi chef. They have two really cute little daughters, Selena and Maggie, who hang out with their parents often. They have amazing memories, excellent manners and remember all of our names as well.

We’ve had many regular servers over the years at Fuji, but some of them have gone on to other pastures, either back to their native countries, or to other parts of the country. We just go with the flow and make new regulars. Lately, our regular server is Tina. She remembers our names every time and always asks how everything has been since the last time she saw us. She knows what table and seats we like to sit in and takes us there right away. She really helps to make our experiences there memorable and fun.

We usually order the friend calamari appetizer which is really tasty.  They are shaped like plump french fries and have a dipping sauce that is tasty and spicy. For dinner we usually order the hibachi steak dinner, but we have ordered the shrimp and scallops which also are delicious.  Usually we are so hungry (aren’t we always?) that we tend to order the steak. Dinner is always served with a clear broth soup, but we always substitute miso soup instead. A side salad also comes with your meal served with a really awesome ginger dressing.  I usually never like ginger dressing but this one I could get a bowl of and eat like soup.

The height of the fun starts when Alan, the chef, comes out wheeling his cart of hibachi ingredients. (No mushrooms for us – Ren is allergic!) He actually puts on a performance before your very eyes. Between his jokes, which we chime in with our own, his spinning knives, the onion volcano, and the flinging of the zucchini, it’s a fun time. This is a great place to have parties, because everybody seems to get into the fun.

Be prepared to eat a lot of food.  If you can’t fit it all they will give you containers to go. Each of the items is served as they are prepared so be ready to eat as they come. Chop chop. You are served dipping sauces, a hibachi shrimp appetizer, lo mein, fried rice, fried vegetables and your meat or seafood selection. We always order the steak rare and Alan always makes it soft and succulent. He remembers that we like garlic sauce, so he always makes that for us.  Feel free to ask any of the chefs for garlic sauce.  They are always happy to oblige.

Your dinner also comes with your choice of ice cream or orange sherbet for dessert. We like to get a chocolate / red bean ice cream combo and mix them together like soft ice cream.  Yummy! Needless to say we always leave Fuji feeling full, relaxed and good on the inside. This is another place at which we tend to generate a hugfest on the way out.  We have had many good times at Fuji, whether they were birthday parties, family “get togethers”, or just dinner out. All of them have been fun. By the way, there are coupons for Fuji in the local coupon mailer and Alan is featured in the photo.

Fuji Hibachi Dining Room, Fuji Japanese Steakhouse, Dayton, NJ

Fuji Hibachi Dining Room, Fuji Japanese Steakhouse, Dayton, NJ

Onion Volcano, Fuji Japanese Steakhouse, Dayton, NJ

Onion Volcano

Hibachi Grill Accompaniments, Fuji Japanese Steakhouse, Dayton, NJ

Hibachi Grill Accompaniments

Hibachi Steak, Fuji Japanese Steakhouse, Dayton, NJ

Hibachi Steak

Check out Fuji‘s website for more information:

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