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Spain 92 1116 Route 202 S, Raritan, NJ

Spain 92, Raritan, NJ

Spain 92, Raritan, NJ

This past weekend, we went to Spain 92 Restaurant in Raritan, NJ.  Spain 92 is an elegant Spanish restaurant with a relaxing authentic atmosphere.  The outside of the restaurant is stately and appealing. The inside is nicely furnished with real Spanish tile, wood accents and brick arched walkways.

That evening, the dining room was packed with patrons, but it still had a relaxed feel to it. The wait staff was attentive and paid much attention to detail. We had multiple servers for the evening, but Hugo deserves to be highlighted. He was warm, friendly and went out of his way to accommodate us.
Our wine selection for the evening was the Montecillo 2007 Rioja (white). The taste was crisp and paired really well with our food selections and the price was excellent ($27). Dinner came with a bowl of light vegetable soup and really wonderful dinner rolls and butter. These rolls have an amazing taste to them. It was definitely hard to eat just one.
We ordered two appetizers for the evening. The first was Calamares a la Romana (fried calamari) served with a very light marinara sauce. They were perfectly round  rings of calamari with a very delicate but flavorful taste to them. The second appetizer was our true favorite; Chorizos Espanoles. They were Spanish sausages, sliced and then grilled with sliced green and red peppers. The flavor was Muy Sabroso!!!   We just could not get enough of them. We are still craving more of them, a few days later.For dinner, we ordered the Arroz Con Pollo, which was cubed white meat chicken served in saffron rice with fresh peas, peppers and sliced chorizo sausages. The taste was phenomenal. We also ordered the Shrimp and Scallops 92 served in a marinara sauce. These were served with rice and home made potato chips.  This was another really tasty dish.

For dessert, we ordered the Tiramisu, which was uniquely served in its own porcelain baking dish. Their Tiramisu really tasted amazing – light but with a rich flavor.  We also had white port dessert wine, straight from Europe.  How could we not! This was still another tasty treat.

The owner, Sergio, came over to talk with us after we ate. He actually pulled up a chair and sat with all of us and chatted for a good while. He really made us feel like we knew him for years even though we had just met him that night. He gave us the lowdown of how he started in the business and the history of his restaurant. One can see how proud Sergio is of his restaurant and his patrons.  He goes all out to make you feel like family.

Spain 92 has various theme nights each month. These include Flamenco, Tango and “Running with the Bulls” themed nights.  Sergio even plays musical instruments and sings.  How is that for entertainment!  He also talked with us about his family and we talked about ours. We truly had a nice conversation with him. He even brought over his business partner, Manny the chef, and included him in the conversation for a bit. We let Sergio know about and he took great pride in hearing that we were going to write about our wonderful experience at Spain 92.  We really did have a terrific experience there; between the food, the service and the the really great conversation with Sergio.  We really felt like we were right at home. We even went out with a really tasty sampling of flan and rice pudding that we enjoyed the next day.

Now for the amazing part. Ren and I received a really awesome email from Sergio the very next morning. He had visited that evening and really loved it.  He pointed out how he really liked how we put the “personal” touch into what we write and liked how we really highlight the “experience”.  Sergio was our first restaurant owner to write to us with such a great compliment as that.  Now, in turn, we can say that we take great pride in

Spain 92, Interior, Raritan, NJ

Spain 92, Interior, Raritan, NJ

Chorizo, Spain 92, Raritan, NJ


Arroz con Pollo, Spain 92, Raritan, NJ

Arroz con Pollo

White Port, Spain 92, Raritan, NJ

White Port

Spain 92, Interior, Raritan, NJ

Spain 92, Interior, Raritan, NJ

Be sure when you visit Spain 92 in Raritan, NJ, that you say that you were referred to them by Roy and Ren from!

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