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Martino’s Cuban Restaurant Somerville, NJ

Martino's Cuban Restaurant, Somerville, NJ

Martino's Cuban Restaurant, Somerville, NJ

The other evening we took a trip to Martino’s Cuban Restaurant on Main Street in Somerville. It had been almost 13 years since I had been there and I really wanted Ren to try it because he had never been there before.
Martino’s is a small modestly decorated family owned BYOB restaurant. It offers a “no frills” type of experience with pleasant and efficient service.

The food at Martino’s is excellent. One can have a very reasonably priced meal if they wish. They offer a good selection of appetizers, soups, an entrees.  We will have to keep going there to be able to try more of them. They also offer the famous Cuban Sandwich.   We did notice that arrive at someone else’s table and it looked huge.

We ordered two appetizers, the first being the Cuban Sampler.  It was a platter of Empanadas Cubanas (Meat Pies) and Cuban Croquettes served with a flavorful Cuban sauce for dipping. The Empanadas are stuffed with pork, potatoes and vegetables and are excellent. The Croquettes are stuffed with minced smoked ham and are really good as well, especially dipped in the sauce.

Our other appetizer was the Tamal Cubano con Pernil which was excellent as well.  It consisted of cornmeal wrapped around pork and other special ingredients. We really enjoyed both of the appetizers.

For dinner, we ordered the Roast Pork Cuban Style and the Breaded Steak with Onions. The entrees are served with your choice of white or yellow rice, black beans and fried plantains.  We all chose the yellow rice and were very happy we did. The pork was tender and tasty, the rice was very flavorful and the beans were top notch. I am usually not a huge fan of fried plantains, but these were delicious. The breaded steak was a tasty treat and the onions really made a great addition. We asked for a side of chopped cilantro to sprinkle over everything.  True fans of cilantro would really appreciate this addition. Our server, Limbania, was pleasant and efficient and also brought out garlic bread for us. This garlic bread was bursting with flavor. Wow!

Our experience at Martino’s was a pleasant one. The food was great and we are looking forward to going there again and trying more of the dinner entrees. Next time for sure, we will order the Ropa Vieja de Cerdo (Shredded Pork).

For now, we’re not able to include Martino’s in the “exceptionally warm and friendly” category, as some of our other reviewed restaurants, but we are willing to revisit that in the future.

Interior, Martino's Cuban Restaurant, Somerville, NJ

Interior, Martino's Cuban Restaurant, Somerville, NJ

Roast Pork Cuban Style, Martino's Cuban Restaurant, Somerville, NJ

Roast Pork Cuban Style

Breaded Steak with Onions, Martino's Cuban Restaurant, Somerville, NJ

Breaded Steak with Onions

Be sure when you visit Martino’s Cuban Restaurant in Somerville, NJ, that you say that you were referred to them by Roy and Ren from!

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Comments (4)
  • Jennifer Reid Dedrick

    I used to live about 2 blocks away from here and would go there a couple of times a month. Their guacamole is exceptional – David caught me licking the edge of the cup after I had finished it-in public (i know, horror), it was so good that I didn’t even realize what I was doing. They have a tres leches cake that is absolutely divine as well…

  • Jennifer Reid Dedrick

    When Mr. Martino used to own it (his son owns it now), he would come out and take customers from their tables and salsa dance with them…

  • Roy and Ren

    Thanks Jennifer! We will definitely check out the guacamole next time. We didn’t have that the last time. We definitely know when something is so good that you want to get eve last bit! Hee hee
    Roy & Ren

  • Roy and Ren

    It is definitely a great place to go to Jennifer!

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