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Shogun 27 Kendall Park, NJ

Shogun 27, Kendall Park, NJ

Shogun 27, Kendall Park, NJ

The other night we went to our other favorite Japanese restaurant, Shogun 27, located in Kendall Park. Shogun 27 has an intimate relaxing atmosphere.  It is nicely decorated and has a cozy feel to it.  It is the perfect place to go to after a stressful day at the office. Shogun 27 does have its hopping nights, however, when the bar area becomes crowded and the hibachi side of the restaurant is packed with customers. We tend to like to go there between Monday and Thursday when it is more tranquil and conducive to conversation.

We have been going to Shogun 27 for many years and have always had really great memorable experiences there. Upon entering, one is always greeted and taken to the dining room of your choice. There is a hibachi dining room and also a sushi / sashimi dining room. In addition, there is a bar area that has many frequent patrons. Janice is one of the managers at Shogun 27 and is top notch.  She is personable, warm and friendly.  Her sister, Melica also works at Shogun 27, as a server, and it is evident that good genes run in their family.  Melica is warm, personable and full of life.  During our visits both sisters come by to see how we are and chat with us for a bit. They always make us feel right at home.

There are two other servers that we will acknowledge as well: Fiona and Jennifer. Fiona has a bubbly personality and is warm and fun. She always gives us a nice experience, as Melica and Janice do. And then there is Jennifer, who has unfortinately moved on to greener pastures. She has a really excellent sense of humor and never fails to make us laugh and relax. She really should be on stage. We do still keep in touch with her though. Shogun 27 really seems to attract high quality servers and they do remember our special requests when we dine with them. That is really important to us, being that we tend to make many special requests.

Melica was our server for the evening and helped to make the evening really fun and relaxing. To accompany our meals, we ordered Kamikazes, which are really awesome at Shogun 27 and totally compliment any meal.  For dinner, we ordered the steak hibachi (no mushrooms). Their hibachi dinners come with the salad bar (most nights), soup and your entree cooked right in front of you. We always ask for sesame dressing instead of the ginger dressing. Their sesame dressing is amazing. We literally cannot get enough of it.  We always substitute Miso soup for the clear broth that comes with hibachi dinners. They really make excellent Miso soup.  Jason, one of the owners, was our chef for the evening. He was personable and friendly, and cooked our entire meal to perfection. He put on a great show for us and kept us entertained as he whipped up fried rice, Japanese noodles, grilled vegetables and our steak. The steak was delicious.  It was juicy and prepared as we requested; rare. Jason also made garlic sauce for us, being that  we are huge garlic fans.

For dessert, we had orange serbet and also a combination of two ice creams; chocolate and red bean.  The two ice creams really blend well. It is definately a “must try”.

To sum up the evening, we really had another great experience at Shogun 27. We left the restaurant totally stuffed and we all felt pleasantly relaxed.  Melica was great as always, and Fiona came over to visit us and say hello as well. It was also great to meet Jason and let him know about We look forward to having another great experience at Shogun 27 very soon.

Kamikazis!!, Shogun 27, Kendall Park, NJ


Salad with Peanut Noodles, Shogun 27, Kendall Park, NJ

Salad with Peanut Noodles

Hibachi Fireman, Shogun 27, Kendall Park, NJ

Hibachi Fireman

Hibachi Steak, Fried Rice, & Noodles, Shogun 27, Kendall Park, NJ

Hibachi Steak, Fried Rice, & Noodles

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