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Bouchon – The Venezia Tower The Venetian, Las Vegas, NV

Bouchon, Interior, Las Vegas, NV

Bouchon, Interior, Las Vegas, NV

Bouchon is a very elegant and visually appealing French Bistro located in the Venezia Tower of the Venetian Hotel.  Bouchon was another terrific experience for us.  It all started when we went to the restaurant during the day to make our reservations for dinner. We were greeted by Rebecca, the host. From the moment we met her, we clicked. She really has a fun loving and bright disposition. We really felt at ease chatting with her and had fun joking around with her during that short amount of time, while we made our reservation.  She reminded us of the famous singer, Vanessa Williams, so by the end, her nickname became, “Vanessa”.  We all looked forward to reconnect when we arrived for dinner.

When we arrived for our reservation and were escorted into the dining room, we were able to notice and absorb more of the attractiveness of the restaurant. It really has the charm of an authentic French establishment.  Our server, for the evening, was very polite, knowledgeable about the menu items and very professional.   His service was top notch.  Rebecca, made sure to come over to welcome us back and we chatted for a bit.

We ordered a wonderful Bordeaux wine to have with dinner. Bordeaux is always one of our favorite wines and is always remarkable. Onion soup was our choice for our appetizer, which was excellent, as expected. The cheese was truly delicious.  We could have eaten globs and globs of that cheese.

For dinner, we ordered two different entrees so we could try both. The first was a special on the menu, the Braised Lamb Shank. Normally, it is served with mushrooms, but we omitted them, due to Ren’s mushroom allergy. It was served over a sautéed green leafy vegetable, similar to spinach, but a little more robust in taste and texture.  The lamb was outstanding.  It was tender and full of flavor. One could see that great care was taken in preparing it.

Our second entrée was Steak Frites, which was pan-seared prime flat iron steak, served with French fries. The taste was phenomenal and the meat was cooked perfectly medium rare. The French fries were scrumptious and oh so addictive.  Both entrees went well with our side dish of Haricot Verts.

Our experience at Bouchon was a memorable one. The service was great, the food was fantastic and Rebecca really added her vibrance and personality to the experience.  She also made us happy when she told us that Bouchon is set to open a new location in Beverly Hills, hopefully in October when we are there on vacation.  To make this even better news, she will be relocating there, when it does open. What a pleasant coincidence! Hopefully, we will all be able to reconnect again in Beverly Hills.  We will keep our fingers crossed that Bouchon is open when we go there.

Bouchon Bread Braids, Bouchon, Las Vegas, NV

Bouchon Bread Braids, Bouchon, Las Vegas, NV

Steak Frites, Bouchon, Las Vegas, NV

Steak Frites

Lamb Shank, Bouchon, Las Vegas, NV

Lamb Shank

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Bouchon, Interior, Bouchon, Las Vegas, NV

Bouchon, Interior, Bouchon, Las Vegas, NV

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