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Carnevino – The Shoppes at the Palazzo The Palazzo, Las Vegas, NV

Carnevino, Las Vegas, NV

Carnevino, Las Vegas, NV

Carnevino is a wonderful steakhouse co-owned by Chef, Mario Batali and Winemaker, Joe Bastianich.  It features high quality meat and an excellent international selection of wine. The atmosphere is warm and very elegant with dark wood and fine furnishings typical of a very upscale restaurant.We had lunch at Carnevino because we are big fans of “Big Fat Juicy Cheeseburgers”.  We had noticed their menu the day before, as we were walking through the Shoppes, so we made a point of coming back for a tasty lunch.  This ended up being one of our most enjoyable dining experiences in Las Vegas.

First of all, the warmth and friendliness that we encountered at the host stand, carried on throughout the entire experience at Carnevino.  Our server was Cooper. The three of us had chemistry from the start.  It was as though we had known him for years, even though it was only our first meeting. He was friendly, personable, professional and very down to earth. We all chatted about the restaurant, Las Vegas and Cooper’s life adventures.  We also shared with him about  Being a seasoned web site expert himself, Cooper was able to relate to our fun we have with our website. He shares the same fun with his own. (Check out our Links Page!)

We also met with and chatted with the General Manager of Carnevino, Chris Crocetti.  You can really see his enthusiasm about Carnevino.  Along with Cooper, he helped to make our experience one to remember.

To start everything off we ordered a bottle of 2006 La Mozza I Perazzi Morellino di Scansano. This was a delightful Sangiovese made by the owners, Batali and Bastianich. We really found out how ordering wine at Carnevino is an experience in itself.  After giving Cooper our wine selection, he let us know that the wine master would come and give us the full wine “service”.  He came with a rolling cart with BIG wine glasses and a smile on his face. He then opened and presented the wine for us in fine wine connoisseur fashion.  It was very impressive, indeed. We really enjoyed the show.

So that we could try two different items on the menu, we ordered two entrees to share. One was the Cheeseburger, which was served with pancetta and exquisitely carmelized onions and cheddar cheese; prepared medium rare. Oh wow did our eyes light up when we sunk our teeth into this delicacy. It was totally amazing.  The meat was fresh and full of flavor and the roll was top notch to match. The seasonings were wonderful. The cheeseburger came with delicious homemade potato chips which were totally addictive.

Our second entrée was the Saba-Braised Pork Ribs served over lentils and pancetta. The meat was tender and flavorful. The sauce was tangy and rich.  These ribs were scrumptious.  Both of our entrees went so well with our choice of wine.  They were all paired in heaven.

This was such a relaxing and fun experience at Carnevino. We had supreme service from beginning to end and we met some really great people that we plan on staying in touch with, and hopefully, see again.  Everyone, including the hostess, the table attendants, Cooper and Chris were all terrific. We could not have asked for a better lunch experience than we had.  We will make sure we eat dinner at Carnevino the next time we are in Las Vegas.  We have still been craving to have another one of those “Big Fat Juicy Cheeseburgers”

2006 I Perazzi La Mozza, Carnevino, Las Vegas, NV

2006 I Perazzi La Mozza

Burger with pancetta, onion and cheddar, Carnevino, Las Vegas, NV

Burger with pancetta, onion and cheddar

Saba-Braised Pork Ribs with Lentils, Carnevino, Las Vegas, NV

Saba-Braised Pork Ribs with Lentils

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Carnevino Steakhouse, Interior, Las Vegas, NV

Carnevino Steakhouse, Interior, Las Vegas, NV

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