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Las Vegas Cocktail Hotspots Las Vegas, NV

One of our favorite things to do in Las Vegas (or anywhere!) is to enjoy an afternoon cocktail!  Here are two mini reviews of a couple of places we went to for cocktails!

Roy & Ren

Parasol Down, Las Vegas, NV

Parasol Down, Las Vegas, NV

Parasol Down
Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

While strolling around the Wynn Hotel and enjoying the eye catching scenery within the hotel, we came across the Parasol Down cocktail lounge.  This is actually one of the prettiest cocktail lounges we have ever been to.  The ceilings are full of eye catching, brilliantly colored decor.  This place is a feast for the eyes for sure.  This is a must-do if you like cocktails.  We sat there and enjoyed two Grey Goose martinis with a twist of lime.  Our server was Maria, who really was a pleasure. When we asked for a “twist” of lime, they really gave us a twist.  They do it right. They also serve a good portion of mixed nuts with an array of coverings and flavors to enjoy while sipping your cocktail. The prices of their drinks are typical of luxury hotels, so be prepared when the bill comes.  This place was wonderful for a relaxing and eye catching experience.

Grey Goose Martinis, Parasol Down, Las Vegas, NV

Grey Goose Martinis

Check out Wynn’s website for more information:

Double Helix Bar
The Shoppes at the Palazzo, Las Vegas, NV

This is a relaxing and stylish wine bar located in the center of the shopping center.  It has a trendy look to it, with its circular shaped bar area. It is very popular because each time we went by there, they had people enjoying nice conversation while enjoying wine and other cocktails.  We had two Grey Goose martinis there as well and the servers were all really attentive and friendly. They also have a large wine selection, something we will explore next time we are in Las Vegas.

Check out Double Helix’s website for more information:

Double Helix Wine Bar & Boutique on Urbanspoon

Be sure when you visit Parasol Down or Double Helix in Las Vegas, NV, that you say that you were referred to them by Roy and Ren from

Parasol Down, Las Vegas, NV

Parasol Down, Las Vegas, NV

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