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Fresco by Scotto 34 E 52nd St, New York, NY

Fresco by Scotto, NY, Exterior

Fresco by Scotto, NY, Exterior

A couple of days ago, Ren and I took Ria to NYC for the day.  We have wanted to go to Fresco by Scotto for years.  This was our opportunity and what a really wonderful experience we had. The weather in NYC was totally perfect in every way – sunny, 82 degrees, low humidity and gentle breezes. Fresco by Scotto is a restaurant owned by the Scotto family. One of the members of the Scotto Family, Rosanna, is a co-anchor of FOX 5 News NY. The Scottos also have cooking segments on the Today Show on NBC.
Fresco by Scotto is located on E 52nd Street in Manhattan. Our server for the evening was awesome and really helped to make the evening special.  He was professional, friendly and very down to earth.  We had many moments of laughter with him and we all bonded within the first few minutes of being seated. One can immediately sense how much he loves working at Fresco by Scotto.The atmosphere is elegant, yet casual with warm inviting colors and furnishings. Many famous people and celebrities frequently dine at Fresco by Scotto.  There are several walls hung with photographs of the Scottos with their famous clientele.The award winning wine list is extensive with wines from all over the world. We chose a wonderful full bodied chianti from the Scotto Family. Their delicious bread and bread sticks are served with a totally scrumptious and very addictive Cannellini Bean Puree which I single handedly ate two servings of with my fork. LOL.

There are many choices for appetizers on the menu. One day we want to be able to try all of them.  Ria ordered the White Bean with Escarole soup which she thoroughly enjoyed.  There were several times that we heard her murmur, “Mmmm…” as she ate it. So that was a good sign. Ren and I ordered the Chicken Meatballs alla Toscana, which are new on the menu.  These meatballs actually made our eyes roll up in ecstasy. They were totally amazing. They were made with parmesan, provolone and smoked mozzarella cheeses. They were served over whipped fresh ricotta and roasted sweet pepper, chili and tomato sauce. These meatballs literally go into our All-time Favorite Foods list. Our server, told us that the menu changes every three months, We hope they never stop making these wonderful BIG meatballs. Hopefully, we will be able to get the recipe from the Scottos. We did buy their wonderful cookbook last night, but unfortunately the chicken meatballs are not included.

For dinner, we had three entrees.  All of them were wonderful. Ria had the Grilled Marinated Lamb Chops. They were served with roasted vegetables, baked spaghetti and cheese timpano and arugula basil pesto on the side.  Ren and I enjoyed the pesto ourselves, being that we are the HUGE fans of pesto sauce.

Ren and I each had half of two amazing entrees: the Prosciutto Wrapped Double Cut Pork Chop roasted with sage and thyme and cooked Medium. It was served over Port wine sauce and served with glazed black plums, sweet potatoes and grilled spring onions. The pork chop was excellent and bursting with flavor. A definite winner!

Our other entree was one of our All Time Favorite Italian dishes; Chicken Parmigiana.  This was truly our favorite out of the two entrees.  It was incredible!  The size of the portion was humongous, and the sauce and cheese were amazing.  This definitely ranks way up there in the world of top Chicken Parmiginanas. This will be on our “must eats” for our next visit.

Now more on the famous clientele that regularly dine at Fresco by Scotto. Barbra Streisand and James Brolin have sat at our table (#22) and Jerry Seinfeld has dined at the table next to ours.  Former President, Bill Clinton also dines there regularly along with Ellen Degeneres. She has even done her famous dance in the restaurant. Now, if we can coincidentally dine there when Barbra, Ellen and Jerry are there – that would be a dream come true.

This experience was one of our best, and we are fortunate to have many wonderful experiences in life!  We are on a roll with truly wonderful experiences.  The ambiance, the food and the service were wonderful.  Our server and his assistants, Diego and Abel were terrific! Rachel, the host was so great to take our photo with our server on the way out. Fresco by Scotto really falls in line with the Two Squirts Motto: Good Food, Good People, Good Times!

Scotto Family Chianti, Fresco by Scotto, NYC

Scotto Family Chianti

Chicken Meatballs Chicken Meatballs alla Toscana, Fresco by Scotto, NYC

Chicken Meatballs Chicken Meatballs alla Toscana

Grilled Marinated Lamb Chops, Fresco by Scotto, NYC

Grilled Marinated Lamb Chops

Prosciutto Wrapped Double Cut Pork Chop, Fresco by Scotto, NYC

Prosciutto Wrapped Double Cut Pork Chop

Chicken Parmigiana, Fresco by Scotto, NYC

Chicken Parmigiana

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