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Makeda Ethiopian Restaurant 338 George St., New Brunswick, NJ

Makeda Ethiopian Restaurant, Exterior

Makeda Ethiopian Restaurant, Exterior

Ren and I had a really wonderful experience at Makeda Ethiopian Restaurant in New Brunswick. Ethiopian food has always been one of my favorite delicasies and I really wanted Ren to try it.  The food bursts with flavor and you can have them prepare it either mild, medium or HOT.  The restaurant is nicely decorated and intimate.  Upon entering the restaurant, you walk into the bar area that includes the authentic “traditional” dining seating and then beyond that is the “formal” dining room. The restaurant is the perfect size for an intimate meal. Both meat lovers and vegetarians can be perfectly happy eating at Makeda. They have enough selections of both.
Our server was Xaviera, who was truly excellent, warm and has a really peaceful way about her. She must have a great following in life.
First of all, our favorite libation to have at Makeda is a Martini. They make really awesome Martinis!  We have evn gone there just for Martinis on the way to other events. This evening we had Grey Goose Dirty Martinis and, as always, they were perfect.
Now for the food!  To start our Ethiopian food fest, we chose the Kefta which are Moroccan meatballs made from ground beef and a blend of Ethiopian herbs and spices, onions and crushed peppers.  Oh man, they were delicious!
For dinner. we chose two meat dishes and 4 vegetable selections. Our first was Special Tibs, which are cubed filet mignon sauteed with diced vegetables, onion, tomato,green pepper and a delicious herb sauce. We also ordered the Zilzil Strips, which is tender strips of lamb marinated in an awaze sauce of Ethiopian honey with garlic and onions. We orderd both of our meat dishes HOT.  Our vegetable sides were – Shiro Wat (pureed split peas), Gomen Wat (sauteed collard greens and spices) and a double order of Mesir Wat (lentils and spices).
Xaviera was nice to serve all of our food on one very large platter served atop Injera, which is a thin and spongey Ethiopian bread. Injera is not only bread but it serves as an eating utensil. Our feast was served with several big pieces of Injera to pick up the food.  First of all, the taste of the meat dishes was phenomenal. The seasonings and spices were out of this world. The meat was like “buttuh”.  The vegetables were truly delicious and really were the perfect accompaniment to the meat.  It is actually fun to tear off a piece of the Injera and scoop up a little of the meat and vegetables.
Our experience at Makeda was fabulous, flavorful and fun!  It really was wonderful.  We had awesome Martinis, fantastic flavorful food and truly exceptional service by Xaviera. We really felt like a hot and spicy evening and that is what we had.  If you like authentic ethnic food, Makeda is a sure bet.
Dirty Grey Goose Martinis, Makeda Ethiopian Restaurant, New Brunswick, NJ

Dirty Grey Goose Martinis

Kefta, Makeda Ethiopian Restaurant, New Brunswick, NJ


Special Tibs, Liga Tibs, Shiro Wat, Gorman Wat, Mesir Wat & Injera, Makeda Ethiopian Restaurant, New Brunswick, NJ

Special Tibs, Liga Tibs, Shiro Wat, Gorman Wat, Mesir Wat & Injera

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Makeda Ethiopian Restaurant, Bar, New Brunswick, NJ

Makeda Ethiopian Restaurant, Bar, New Brunswick, NJ

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