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LUA 1300 Sinatra Drive North, Hoboken, NJ

Lua, Hoboken, NJ, Exterior

Lua, Hoboken, NJ, Exterior

LUA is a Latin inspired restaurant located in Hoboken, New Jersey.  Situated along the Hudson River, LUA has a breathtaking view of the New York City skyline and offers valet parking for its patrons for a fee. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very chic and stylish with a metropolitan feel to it. During the warmer months, there is outdoor seating, as there was last night.  Those dining outside can enjoy their meals and libations as they enjoy the view.

Upon entering the restaurant, you are treated to a great view of the 360 degree bar area with its adjacent VIP lounge.  We were escorted to the stylish multi-leveled dining room and were greeted by our server for the evening, Jayne (pronounced Jay-Nee). We were very fortunate to have Jayne as our server.  She was very sophisticated and chic with a warm, fun-loving and smart personality. Her service was professional and very accomodating.  Even with all of our special requests, she never flinched an eye, and was always willing to fulfill our requests. We really enjoyed having her for our server.

We were all famished by the time we got to LUA so we were ready for an adventure in eating. LUA has an impressive wine list and a full listing of all of the current trendy cocktails. We chose an excellent Campo Viejo Reserva Rioja from Spain.  It was delicious.

For appetizers, we ordered Guacamole. It was served with awesome tortilla chips made in the restaurant and several fried plantain chips inserted into it.  The Guacamole was fresh and tasty and the tortilla chips were light and so very addictive.  We were crazy about the plantain chips. They were awesome! They were thin, with just the right amount of crispiness.  Amazing! We also ordered Steamed Edimame dusted with a bit of salt which were delciously prepared as well.

Jayne was helpful to us in deciding what to order for dinner. Based on her advice, we ordered two entrees from the Big Plates section of the menu, and one from the very extensive Appetizers section. Ria ordered the Grilled Skirt Steak, served with sauteed spinach and grilled vegetables.  She thoroughly enjoyed her Skirt Steak which was so tender and flavorful with all the right spices.  The vegetables were tasty and nicely done. Ren and I, as usual, had some of Ria’s meal and were very impressed at the flavor and tenderness of the skirt steak. It was fantastico!!!

Ren and I ordered the Cuban Style Pork Shank to share, with Miso Mashed Potatoes as the side. The serving of pork was enormous – exactly the type of portion we like.  It was bursting with flavor due to its concoction of spices and flavors.  The meat was tender and wonderful and the mashed potatoes were excellent. We’ve noticed Miso being used in marinating and preparing foods lately.  We are really glad about that!

We also ordered the Five Spiced Pork Ribs from the Appetizer menu.  They were tender and bursting with flavor as well as the other two entrees we savored.  The  five spices were Star Anise, Fennel, Cinnamon, Dried Ginger and Cloves.  Wow! They were served a bean salad with its own delicious blend of herbs and spices. Yummy!

Our experience at LUA was outstanding. The atmosphere was fun and energetic. We had outstanding food, great conversation and wonderful service by Jayne with her vibrant personality. All of these elements made a memorable experience for all of us.  We even were able to snap some excellent photos of the NY skyline at night time after dinner. We will definitely be dining at LUA in the near future. Que Rico!

Guacamole, Lua, Hoboken, NJ


Grilled Skirt Steak, Lua, Hoboken, NJ

Grilled Skirt Steak

Five Spiced Pork Ribs, Lua, Hoboken, NJ

Five Spiced Pork Ribs

Cuban Style Pork Shank, Lua, Hoboken, NJ

Cuban Style Pork Shank

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New York City Skyline, Lua, Hoboken, NJ

New York City Skyline, Lua, Hoboken, NJ

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