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Conte’s Pizza 339 Witherspoon St, Princeton, NJ

Conte's Pizza, Princeton, NJ

Conte's Pizza, Princeton, NJ

If you are in the mood for great thin crust pizza, in a fast paced, no-frills, college town landmark, then Conte’s Pizza in Princeton, NJ, is for you.  It’s very popular among the locals and they can get really crowded and hectic on Fridays and Saturdays, so be prepared for a long wait if you happen to go on one of those nights. Conte’s is located on Witherspoon Street; a bit away from the center of town.

Our advice is to park your car in the rear of the building, where there are more parking spaces. You should also enter through the back entrance, being that’s where the line forms when you walk in.  There is no list to put your name on when you enter but someone will eventually come to you, while you are standing, to take your pizza order. They will then call you when your table is ready and then bring your pizza out to your table. If there is a lengthy wait time, there is a long bar there, where you can order a drink and stand or sit at while you are waiting to be seated.  Their portions of wine are very generous, so you will definitely be pleased if you are into wine, as we are.

The main thing you go to Conte’s for is the pizza and not the ambiance. The decor makes you feel like you’ve just stepped into the past and there is usually no time for the servers to strike up any conversation with you.  They also don’t have an extensive menu, nor do they have a huge selection of toppings that you can order for your pizza, but what they do offer is excellent.  They have their menu on the wall and they basically offer pizza, spaghetti, sandwiches and salad. We always order their pizza because it is always excellent!

We ordered two large pizzas for dinner. One was with extra cheese and pepperoni. The other was with extra cheese, homemade sausage and red roasted peppers.  We ordered both of our pizzas cooked light. One thing to remember is that Conte’s tends to prepare their pizza on the crispy side. If you like your pizza cooked light, then order it the “way that Cynthia likes it”. However, if you do like your pizza crispy, then you will be just fine.

Our server for the evening was Laine, who was the nicest server we’ve had at Conte’s so far.  She was warm and friendly and even though the restaurant was packed, she made time to greet us and have some conversation with us.  She was great.  She helped to make this experience at Conte’s a nice one. When Laine saw, in the kitchen, that our pizza was prepared too crispy, she immediately had them make us a new one, without us having to ask.  That was great! Our pizza did end up being perfectly prepared and delicious and our experience was a fun and tasty one. We will definitely ask for Laine the next time we go to Conte’s.

On the way out, we met Gerry at the register, and he gave us a couple of Conte’s magnets, and let us leave a couple of TwoSquirts magnets by the register. So, when you go there, be sure to look for them!

Conte's Pizza, Interior, Princeton, NJ

Conte's Pizza, Interior, Princeton, NJ

Large Pie with Pepperoni & Extra Cheese, Conte's Pizza, Princeton, NJ

Large Pie with Pepperoni & Extra Cheese

Homemade Sausage & Roasted Peppers, Conte's Pizza, Princeton, NJ

Homemade Sausage & Roasted Peppers

Close Up of Pizza - YUMMY!, Conte's Pizza, Princeton, NJ

Close Up of Pizza - YUMMY!

Check out Conte’s website for more information:

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Conte's Pizza, Princeton, NJ

Conte's Pizza, Princeton, NJ

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