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Paseo Cantina, Mexican Dining & Mariachi 260 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA

Paseo Cantina, Pasadena, CA

Paseo Cantina, Pasadena, CA

Paseo Cantina is located in Pasadena, California. We were walking around for the afternoon in Pasadena and happened to come by this place.  For days, we had been craving good authentic Mexican food and that is exactly what we were in for. It was lunch time on Sunday when we spotted them at the top of the escalator in the Paseo Colorado Mall. There happened to be a big private Sunday Brunch party with Mariachi Singers and Dancers going on. That is what drew us in. All of the festivity reminded us of all the latin weddings we’d enjoyed so much over the years.  Latins really do like to have fun! Anyway, we couldn’t  resist walking in and seeing if we could join the party. The restaurant is very big, and it has some really awesome artwork with scenes from various areas of Mexico. They also had some really interesting Mexican artifacts on display. We enjoyed looking at them all.

We were able to order from the regular menu, which is what we preferred to do, rather than doing the brunch. Our server was Hector, a really warm and down to earth person, who was efficient and very accommodating.  He really helped to make us feel right at home, among all of the other partiers. He was really maginifico! We enjoyed chatting with Hector about our trip and we all shared some personal stories!  For our wine selection, we ordered a delicious Estancia Cardonnay which was an excellent pairing with our entrees.

We ordered the freshly made Guacamole for an appetizer. It was prepared right at our table with the freshest ingredients.  The Guacamole maker was so gracious, he let us video tape him making the guacamole for us.  The Guacamole was wonderful and the chips were amazing and prepared in the restaurant.  We also were supplied with both green and red salsas for dipping, which were also both enjoyable.

Ren and I ordered the Chiles Rellenos with rice and beans.  They were prepared to perfection. The taste was fabuloso!  They were filled with white mexican cheese and topped with an excellent delicate red sauce.  The chiles were served with Mexican rice and beans.  Ria (Mom) ordered the Cheese Enchiladas with the addition of chopped raw onion and sour cream.  They were also served with Mexican rice and Beans.  The enchiladas were fantastic and we all devoured everything. If we could have, we would have licked our plates clean. Lol.

The show was truly a spectacle to watch. They were true Mariachis who played their various instruments with true gusto.  There were singers and Flamenco dancers as well.  What a sight to behold to watch them as we dined on truly authentic Mexican food.  This was the type of Mexican food that I grew up eating and it was such a pleasure to just sit and watch a show while dining on such wonderful food.

The main dancer, Consuelo, came and chatted with us and even took a picture with Mom for us. She was really so nice and really enjoyed meeting us as well. We felt like we were actually in Mexico at Paseo Cantena. The food was fabulous, the servers, the dancers and Mariachis were really fantastic. We laughed and really had some great conversation. We left there feeling really good inside; from both the delicious food and the wonderful time with Hector, the entertainers and the other patrons and staff.  We would go back to Paseo Cantina in an instant.

"Mariachi Los Angeles," Paseo Cantina, Pasadena, CA

"Mariachi Los Angeles"

Fresh Guacamole, Paseo Cantina, Pasadena, CA

Fresh Guacamole

Chiles Rellenos, Paseo Cantina, Pasadena, CA

Chiles Rellenos

Cheese Enchiladas, Paseo Cantina, Pasadena, CA

Cheese Enchiladas

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