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comme Ça 8479 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069

comme Ça, Beverly Hills, CA

comme Ça, Beverly Hills, CA

The phrase to describe our experience for dinner at comme Ça is “Out of this World!”  Comme Ça is a a modern French brasserie, located in West Hollywood, California.  It was recommended by our new friends, Brandon Beemer from “The Bold and the Beautiful” and Nadia Bjorlin from “Days of our Lives”. We thank them both for their excellent recommendation and we cannot say enough about how much enjoyment we had that evening.

The restaurant has a delightfully intimate and cozy atmosphere. When we walked in, we were greeted by two friendly hosts and immediately escorted to our table.  There are several dining rooms in the restaurant and each one gives everyone the perfect opportunity to catch up, laugh and have a satisfying social event.

Our server for the evening was Brad, who was really top notch.  He was professional, witty and had a great sense of humor.  We bonded really well with Brad and enjoyed his humor, which helped to make our evening a lot of fun. Whenever we needed anything, Brad was there and made a point of coming back to ensure that we were totally taken care of.  That really was excellent service. He also gave us the perfect wine recommendation to go with our dinner; a wonderful white french wine, Domaine Reverdy- Ducroux Sancerre “Beau Roy”. How fitting it had, “Roy” in the name. ;-) It was totally wonderful.

Our culinary feast started with hot freshly baked french baguettes, wrapped in brown paper, and served with delicious creamy butter. The bread was a bread lovers dream and totally addictive.  It was crispy brown on the outside and soft and warm on the inside.  We literally could not stop eating these baguettes.

Appetizers were definitely on our radar for the evening and every one of them was délicieux.  Ria ordered the Shrimp Cocktail which came with nine, yes nine, jumbo shrimp perfectly prepared and presented with a tasty cocktail sauce.  Truly supreme!  The texture of the shrimp was fresh, firm and delicious. If you like shrimp cocktail, this is the place to order it.

Ren ordered the Soupe À La Oignon Gratinée (traditonal onion soup), served in a large crock with baked and toasty gruyere cheese crusted on the edges.  It was really wonderful!. It was also fun to pick off the tasty bits of burnt cheese off the edges of the crock.  I ordered the Escargots Persillade.  If you are an escargot lover, and I AM, these were phenomenal!  I could literally not get enough of these little babies.  Oh Man!  I wish we lived closer, so I could order these more often.

Brandon Beemer, recommended that we order his favorite dish, the Mushroom Risotto. However, Ren is very allergic to mushrooms, and being that we don’t want to make him feel bad and order mushrooms in front of him, we didn’t order the Mushroom Risotto this time. Who knows, maybe they’ll invent a cure for Ren’s mushroom allergies.  If they do, we will be ordering this soon. Thank you, Brandon!

For dinner, we made it easy for Brad.  The three of us ordered the Steak Frites –  flat iron steak perfectly prepared and served with the most wonderful addictive french fries imaginable. We devoured the steak and french fries in no time flat.  Awesome! We also ordered creamed spinach for a side that was very delicate and bursting with flavor.

Rory, the restaurant’s resident sommelier, came over and introduced himself to us.  He was really a very knowledgeable and very cool person.  He truly is a gem to have on staff at comme Ça.  He treated us like we had known him for years.  Rory is wonderful!  Thank you, Rory.

As if we could not have had an even better night than we were already having; we met and saw Nadia in person, who just happened to be dining with her Mom, Fary.  Oh my God, was this was the best way to end our experience.  Nadia and her Mom were so graceful, warm, friendly and of course, so pretty.  It was the icing on the cake to be able to meet Nadia and her Mom.  Thank you, Nadia and Fary for your kindness and generosity!

We left comme Ça feeling terrific inside.  It was one of our all time favorite dining experiences.  We will always remember it! Tres magnifique!!!

Domaine Reverdy- Ducroux Sancerre "Beau Roy", comme Ça, Beverly Hills, CA

Domaine Reverdy- Ducroux Sancerre "Beau Roy"

Shrimp Cocktail, comme Ça, Beverly Hills, CA

Shrimp Cocktail

Escargots Persillade, comme Ça, Beverly Hills, CA

Escargots Persillade

Soupe À L'Oignon Gratinée, comme Ça, Beverly Hills, CA

Soupe À L'Oignon Gratinée

Steak Frites, comme Ça, Beverly Hills, CA

Steak Frites

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comme Ça, Interior, Beverly Hills, CA

comme Ça, Interior, Beverly Hills, CA

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