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Tortuga’s Mexican Village 44 Leigh Ave, Princeton, NJ

The Squirt: Great BYOB restaurant for truly delicious authentic Mexican Food!
Must Eat: Guacamole Nachos
Prices: Moderate

Tortuga's Mexican Village, Princeton, NJ

Tortuga's Mexican Village, Princeton, NJ

We had our typically great experience last night at Tortuga’s Mexican Village, located in Princeton, NJ.  We were joined by our friends, Jean and Bob for this event.

Tortuga’s Mexican Village (TMV) is a small neighborhood authentic Mexican Restaurant, on a little side street near Princeton Hospital. It has been a landmark there for over 20 years. One thing to remember before you go there, is to have cash on hand, being that it is a cash-only restaurant and be prepared to hunt for a parking spot on the local streets.

The atmosphere is really authentic, with Mexican art and colors in abundance. On Friday and Saturday evenings, be prepared to wait for a table. Keep in mind, that this is a small place, so there isn’t much waiting room. TMV will suit everyone’s tastes from vegetarians to meat and seafood lovers. Their menu has a multitude of delicious items to choose from.

The food at TMV is wonderful.  Everything we’ve ordered over the years has been delicious.  Our server for the evening was Yocenia.  We’ve had her before and she is always friendly, pleasant and efficient.  We’ve also had Jennifer, who is also friendly, pleasant and efficient. (We think Jennifer looks like Helen Hunt, so we actually call her, Helen!)  Both of them are terrific to us and help to make our experiences at TMV delightful. We also must acknowledge our “amiga,” Lucia.  Lucia helps everyone out in the whole place and is always friendly and warm and has a smile, even when it is packed in there.

Our friends, Jean and Bob had never dined at TMV before.  They had no idea how good the food would be. We ordered the appetizer we can never do without, the Guacamole Nachos. Two orders of them!  If you’ve never had Guacamole Nachos, you must try them at TMV.  Oh man, they were delicious as always and Jean and Bob loved them as well.  Picture this: a pile of warm home-made tortilla chips surrounded by delicious freshly made guacamole and melted cheese. They put the metal tray in the oven and bake it until it is this delightfuly decadent masterpiece. Totally amazing!

Well, now for the rest of our food. Most of TMV’s entrees are served with refried rice and beans.  Their beans are delcious and so creamy.  Their rice is excellent as well. Bob ordered the Enchiladas Del Mar, which consisted of shrimp and crab sautéed in salsa verde and cream, wrapped in tortillas, lightly covered with cheese and baked.  Bob really loved it. Jean, Ria, Ren and I all ordered combination platters.  To make your combination platter, TMV offers 6 different items to choose from, with your choice of filling and sauce.  You can select two or three items. We all ordered so many items, in various combinations, so here are some of the items we ordered between the four of us. The Cheese Enchiladas were delicious, generously full of cheese and topped with a red sauce. Both the Pork and Beef Tamales were nice and plump, generously filled with savory meat and bursting with flavor. Delicious!  Our personal favorites are the Chiles Rellenos. They are truly authentic as I am used to.  They are made with Roasted Poblano Peppers, filled with cheese and dipped in an egg batter then lightly fried. Truly Awesome! We could literally eat their Chiles Rellenos several days a week.  We highly recommend them for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike.

Other items that we have had in the past and recommend are: Fajitas; Enchiladas Oaxaca; Enchiladas Supremas; and Mole. Our evening was terrific.  Tortuga’s Mexican Village is a tasty treat and a real gem in Princeton. Our evening all came together exactly how we like evenings to be, with Good Food, Good People and Good Times!

Guacamole Nachos, Tortuga's Mexican Village, Princeton, NJ

Guacamole Nachos

Chili Relleno, Cheese Enchilada, Pork Tamale, Tortuga's Mexican Village, Princeton, NJ

Chili Relleno, Cheese Enchilada, Pork Tamale

Enchiladas Del Mar, Tortuga's Mexican Village, Princeton, NJ

Enchiladas Del Mar

Chocolate Mousse, Tortuga's Mexican Village, Princeton, NJ

Chocolate Mousse

Check out Tortuga’s Mexican Village‘s website for more information:

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Tortuga's Mexican Village - Interior, Princeton, NJ

Tortuga's Mexican Village - Interior, Princeton, NJ

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