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Pithari Taverna 28 Woodbridge Ave, Highland Park, NJ

The Squirt:  Great BYOB restaurant for excellent authentic Greek food.
Must Eat: Arni Souvlas; Beefteki
Prices: Moderate

Pithari Taverna, Highland Park, NJ

Pithari Taverna, Highland Park, NJ

Ren and I went for Greek food at Pithari Taverna with our good friends, Stephanie and Dina.  Ren had never had Greek food before and this was the perfect time to have him try it. Pithari is a really excellent authentic BYOB Greek restaurant located in Highland Park, NJ. It has a really excellent atmosphere which makes you feel like you’ve stepped right into Greece. We picked a Friday night, which is a busy night at Pithari and kind of loud but it was a really great experience anyway.  The tables are close together so it was great that we had good table neighbors, Ron and Brian.  They were a lot of fun and it was enjoyable sitting next to them.

We were starving, as usual, and started with appetizers.  Before they came, we were brought a nice assemblage of Greek Olives which were delicious.  We were also brought some fresh pita to snack on as we waitied for our appetizers. We ordered three appetizers: Hummus, Kalamari Tiganito (Fried Calamari) and Tigania Hirino tou Merakli. The hummus was really good and zesty.  The fried calamari was delicious and tender and came with a great red dipping sauce.  The Tigania Hirino Tou was our favorite.  It was roast pork, pan fried in olive oil and red wine.  It was outstanding and so very tender.

We ordered four different entrees.  One was the Red Snapper Filetto, which was filet of red snapper char-broiled in red wine and cinnamon.  It was a really great portion, the sauce was bursting with flavor and the fish was perfectly prepared.  The snapper was served with sauteed dandelion greens which were really tasty.

The next entree was the Lamb Souvlaki Platter.  It was served with tzatziki, lettuce, tomoatoes, onions and dandelion greens and fresh pita.  It was very good.

The third entree was Arni Souvlas, which was skewered lamb chunks, served with lemon potatoes. The meat was tender and moist and full of flavor. Absolutely delicious!  The potatoes were really tasty with a very light lemony twist to them.  We would defiinitely order this entree again next time.

Lastly, but equally as wonderful, was the Beefteki, a Greek hamburger steak.  They describe it as the “most delicious on earth”. We haven’t tried every Greek hamburger on this earth, but this one was absolutely amazing.  It was soft, bursting with flavor and remarkable.  This was served with Greek fried potatoes. These potatoes are so full of flavor and addictive.  Amazing!

Our friends ordered the traditional Greek dessert, Baklava. They really enjoyed it.

Our first experience at Pithari was wonderful.  The food was truly delicious, our server was excellent and our conversation and experience with our friends was really one to always remember.  It was a really enjoyable time and we will definitely go to Pithari again. It is really a great asset of Highland Park ans we have been craving to go back ever since.

Tigania Hirino tou Merakli, Pithari Taverna, Highland Park, NJ

Tigania Hirino tou Merakli

Red Snapper Filetto, Pithari Taverna, Highland Park, NJ

Red Snapper Filetto

Lamb Souvlaki Platter, Pithari Taverna, Highland Park, NJ

Lamb Souvlaki Platter

Arni Souvlas, Pithari Taverna, Highland Park, NJ

Arni Souvlas

Beefteki, Greek Hamburger Steak, Pithari Taverna, Highland Park, NJ

Beefteki, Greek Hamburger Steak

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Pithari Taverna, Highland Park, NJ

Pithari Taverna, Highland Park, NJ

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