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LouCás 9 Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ

The Squirt: Very popular BYOB restaurant serving excellent Italian food and other grilled specialties.
Must Eats: Fried Shoe String Zucchini, Stuffed Veal Chop Entree

LouCás, Edison, NJ

LouCás, Edison, NJ

This past Saturday evening we went to LouCás Restaurant located in Edison, NJ. We made reservations a week earlier which we strongly recommend to do if you want to eat on a Friday or Saturday evening. The first thing we noticed when we entered was that the restaurant was packed, which showed how popular it is. LouCas has several dining rooms and additional seating downstairs in the basement for banquets. The decor is pleasant and inviting.

One thing that stood out to us was the noise level.  Granted, it was a Saturday night and it was packed, but it was unusually loud, even with that in mind. It was hard to hear ourselves speak and we did have a lingering hum in our ears after we left the restaurant. Next time we will go on a week night or a Sunday evening. Maybe there is something the owners can do or install in order to absorb some of the noise.

Our server for the evening was Mike.  He was great  Even with the restaurant being extremely busy and noisy, he was pleasant and very accommodating with us.

Being that LouCás is a BYOB, we brought an excellent French white wine to accompany our dinner. As we sat, we were able to see all of the wonderful looking entrees go by and sizable portions to boot. LouCas has an excellent menu, full of many appetizers, salads, pasta, traditional Italian dishes along with steaks, chops and seafood.  The menu is extensive and overwhelming in a good way of course. We will have to go there many more times so we can try more of them.

It did take us a while to decide on what we were going to order but Mike never rushed us the entire time; which we appreciated.  That is a characteristic we look for in a server.

Ria ordered the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail as an appetizer.  She was served three huge succulent shrimp and a very tasty cocktail sauce.  Ria gave us one of her shrimp and we were very pleased at how fresh and tasty the shrimp was. We were also served a basket of totally yummy bread which had a warm soft yellow interior and crusty golden brown crust with sesame seeds.  Topping the bread with a nice dollop of their light whipped butter made it totally addictive.

Ren and I ordered the Fried Shoe String Zucchini appetizer which we gobbled up in no time.  The zucchini was so delicate and so tasty. We were amazed at how delicious it was. The zucchini is a definite must eat.  Totally awesome!

For dinner, Ria was in the mood for lamb, so she ordered the Grilled Baby Lamb Chops, prepared medium well. She ordered them with garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach and garlic. The lamb chops were very tender and flavorful.  The mashed potatoes and spinach were the perfect accompaniments to the lamb.

Ren and I wanted to try two items tonight and share them. One was Veal Parmigiana, served with sauteed spinach and garlic instead of pasta. It was very tasty and had a great taste. Next time, though, we would go back to our usual Chicken Parmigiana tradition. Our second entree was our favorite- the Stuffed Veal Chop which was one of the dinner specials.  It was totally amazing and HUGE.  It was a really large veal chop, stuffed with peppers, prosciutto and cheese and lightly breaded. It was PERFECT!  We still can’t stop thinking of it!

For dessert, Ria ordered the white and dark chocolate mousse dessert.  It was rich, yet very light- a perfect ending to her meal.

Our meal at LouCás was totally delicious and definitely impressed us. It lived up to all of the recommendations that we had received to try LouCás. The servings are large and definitely a good value. The taste of their food is top notch and the service is terrific. Due to the high noise level, however, we will choose a less busy evenings to dine there. Maybe LouCás can install some sound proofing devices or just tell their patrons to keep their voices down. ;-) We certainly were tempted to!  Lol

Shrimp Cocktail, LouCás, Edison, NJ

Shrimp Cocktail

Fried Shoe String Zucchini, LouCás, Edison, NJ

Fried Shoe String Zucchini

Grilled Baby Lamb Chops, LouCás, Edison, NJ

Grilled Baby Lamb Chops

Veal Parmigiana, LouCás, Edison, NJ

Veal Parmigiana

Stuffed Veal Chop, LouCás, Edison, NJ

Stuffed Veal Chop

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LouCás, Edison, NJ

LouCás, Edison, NJ

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