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One 53 153 Washington St, Rocky Hill, NJ

The Squirt: Small, stylish and relaxed with excellent drinks and exceptional entrees
Must Eats:  Risotto Croquettes, Double Cut Pork Chop, Char Grilled Strip Steak
Prices: Moderate to Expensive Food Entrees; Expensive Drinks

One 53, Rocky Hill, NJ

One 53, Rocky Hill, NJ

The other night, we went to One 53, located in Rocky Hill, NJ. We’d gone by this place many times before and finally had the opportunity to experience it.  It has always looked really inviting from the outside and one can see that it is popular.  We’re so glad we gave it a try. It is a small building with great large windows that allow you to see the stylish interior and the patrons enjoying their experiences there.  There is a small parking lot located in the rear of the building, and you don’t have to walk far to enter the restaurant from the parking lot.

After walking up the steps and entering the restaurant, you immediately see large drapes which you draw open and step right into the full bar area of the restaurant and the host stand. The bar area is lively and very popular among the locals.  After turning around the corner, you see the rest of the restaurant, which is stylish and tasteful with nice furnishings. After being seated, we spent a few minutes absorbing the atmosphere and enjoying the relaxed feel of One 53.

The wine list is excellent and they offer a full drink menu to one’s hearts content. Our server for the evening was Leah.  She was polished, professional and courteous. To start off our experience we chose two Grey Goose martinis with a twist of lime.  Though they were pricey, our martinis were top notch.  (A pic of them even made it to our home page!) They were served in large crystal clear martini glasses with true “twists” of lime. Mmmm good and definitely top shelf in our book. Oooh La La…

For the table we were served a couple types of delicious bread to snack on before appetizers and also a totally wonderful olive oil with white bean puree for dipping.  Lucky for us, we had spoons so I could finish every drop, including seconds. Lol.

To start off our feast, we ordered three appetizers. Ria ordered Macaroni and Cheese which came topped with bread crumbs and served in a ramekin. She loved it. Ren and I ordered two appetizers: Escargot en Croute and Risotto Croquettes.  The escargot were served encased in a delicate pastry and drizzled in a very tasty lemony butter.  They were delicious! The Risotto Croquettes were made with arborio rice and stuffed with sausage and cheese. They were awesome!

For dinner, Ria ordered the Double Cut Pork Chop served with mashed potatoes with celery root and a small mixed salad tossed in a light vinaigrette. The pork was perfectly prepared and very sizeable. Delicious!  The mashed potatoes were excellent as well and the salad was the perfect addition to her meal.  Ren and I both ordered the Char Grilled Strip Steak, one with French fries and one with the mashed potatoes.  Both were served with a small mixed salad as well.  The steak was topped with a spicey pepper butter which added the perfect kick to the flavor. The steak was wonderful and tasty.  The french fries were totally yummy. Oui Oui!

We all ordered desserts that evening. Yes, Ren and I actually cave in to dessert!  Ria ordered Vanilla Ice Cream topped with cooked apples and cinnamon which she really enjoyed.  Ren and I ordered a dessert to share – Blood Orange Sorbet topped with fresh whipped cream. OMG, we really enjoyed our sorbet and finished it in no time flat.

Needless to say, we all thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at One 53. It really is a great place, the atmosphere and ambiance are excellent and the food is outstanding. We did spend a good amount of money that evening, but it was definitely worth it. Leah was terrific and we also had a great time talking with one of the other employees, Augusto.  They both helped to make our experience one to remember.  We will definitely go there again.

Macaroni & Cheese, One 53, Rocky Hill, NJ

Macaroni & Cheese

Escargot en Croute, One 53, Rocky Hill, NJ

Escargot en Croute

Double Cut Pork Chop, One 53, Rocky Hill, NJ

Double Cut Pork Chop

Char Grilled Strip Steak, One 53, Rocky Hill, NJ

Char Grilled Strip Steak

Blood Orange Sorbet, One 53, Rocky Hill, NJ

Blood Orange Sorbet

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One 53, Interior, Rocky Hill, NJ

One 53, Interior, Rocky Hill, NJ

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