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Bocca di Bacco 828 Ninth Ave, New York, NY

The Squirt: Wonderful Food, Friendly Atmosphere and Reasonable Prices
Must Eats: Zuppa di Cipolle; Costa di Manzo Brasata; Tagliata al Tagliere; Costoletta di Maiale
Prices: Reasonable

Bocca di Bacco, New York, NY

Bocca di Bacco, New York, NY

We were most fortunate to dine at Bocca di Bacco located in the Hell’s Kitchen section of Manhattan, NY.  It is a totally awesome Italian Wine Bar with a great atmosphere, great staff and totally wonderful food. The icing on the cake is that this little gem of a restaurant has reasonable prices – in NYC!!! How can you beat that!

The appearance of Bocca di Bacco is very unpretentious, with simple rustic furnishings. The staff is friendly and very attentive, including our server for the evening, Mark. He really was awesome with a great personality, warmth and attention to our needs. The restaurant has an excellent wine list with a bevvy of wines from all over the globe. We chose an excellent Damiano Ciolli 2006 Silene Olevano Romano Cesanese. It was a delicious Italian white wine that was light yet full of body and flavor.

When we saw the menu, we were overwhelmed by all of the tantalizing items to choose from. For appetizers, we ordered two orders of the Polpette Al Pomodoro, which were  classic meatballs in chunky tomato sauce. They were soft and bursting with flavor. Ren and I ordered the Zuppa di Cipolle (Classic Onion Soup). The onion soup goes right on our list of Must Eats.  Their onion soup is vegetable based and has a light creamy texture to it. The cheese, the onions, the broth all come together into a delicate work of art for the tongue. This soup is definitely unique!!!

As if the appetizers weren’t terrific enough, all of our dinner entrees were supreme. Ria ordered the Costa di Manzo Brasata (Slowly Braised Short Ribs), served with mashed potatoes instead of stewed cabbage. Ria was delighted when she sunk her teeth into these short ribs. The texture was perfect and the taste was phenomenal. The mashed potatoes were creamy and fluffy.  We were so fortunate to be able to lend Ria a hand in eating her meal. Oh man, they were wonderful.

Ren and I ordered two entrees and shared them. The first was the Tagliata al Tagliere (Grilled Angus Sirloin Steak), served with mashed potatoes with a barolo wine reduction. The steak was out of this world and perfectly prepared medium rare. The quality of the meat was outstanding and the flavor was delicious. The mashed potatoes were just like the ones we make at home- wonderful!

Our second entree was the Costoletta di Maiale (16 oz. Pork Chop) served with caramelized vegetables and potatoes. Unbelievable!  The pork chop was huge, juicy and to-die-for. The vegetables were tender and succulent.  It truly was hard to decide which entree out of the three of them was our favorite.  I think it will need to be a tradition to order all three and share them!

We really can’t say enough about the perfect experience we had at Bocca di Bacco.  From the moment we stepped in, we felt pampered and in good hands.  The food is wonderful; the prices are excellent.  If you want wonderful food with great value, this is the place for you.  We are all looking forward to dining at Bocca di Bacco again very soon.

Zuppa di Cipolle, Bocca di Bacco, New York, NY

Zuppa di Cipolle

Costa di Manzo Brasata, Bocca di Bacco, New York, NY

Costa di Manzo Brasata

Tagliata al Tagliere, Bocca di Bacco, New York, NY

Tagliata al Tagliere

Costoletta di Maiale, Bocca di Bacco, New York, NY

Costoletta di Maiale

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Bocca di Bacco, Interior, New York, NY

Bocca di Bacco, Interior, New York, NY

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