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One South Steakhouse, 4095 US 1, Monmouth Junction, NJ

The Squirt: Great place to hang out and eat terrific food
Must Eats: Quesadilla; Guacamole; Cheeseburgers
Prices: Moderate

One South, Monmouth Junction, NJ

One South, Monmouth Junction, NJ

We had a terrific experience at One South Steakhouse, located in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey. We were all in the mood for a relaxing evening so we decided to give this place a try. Boy, we picked a good place for sure. It was a Sunday night, so it wasn’t as crowded …perfect for us!

The atmosphere at One South is very pleasant with a rustic yet elegant twist. There is also a Tiki Bar outside which we heard gets really crowded and hopping during the warm weather months. It was a wee bit chilly the evening we went, so we couldn’t try it out. The staff was really friendly and seated us immediately when they saw our hungry faces. As we walked to our table and looked around, we could see how all of the patrons enjoy this restaurant.

Our server for the evening was Naomi. She greeted us with a huge smile and made us feel right at home. Naomi was professional, warm and very knowledgeable about the menu, even though she was a pretty new server at One South. She does however, have a vast amount of experience at other restaurants, which really showed. She was right on target with all of her recommendations; which is a good sign of a seasoned professional. (We went to One South again and had Shelly as our server and she helped reinforce our last experience at One South, as she was so friendly and accommodating! We highly recommend Shelly, too!)

Their menu is full of terrific items to choose from. For starters, they have many appetizers, soups and salads. For the main course, there are hamburgers, steaks, chops and seafood dishes. There are several delicious Mexican selections as well, and we know they are delicious first hand.

To start our evening of decadence, Ren and I ordered Grey Goose Martinis with a twist of lime. Oh wow, these martinis were delicious and big!! Pure nirvana. For appetizers, we decided on a couple of Mexican treats. The first was the Fresh House Recipe Guacamole. Oh my goodness, it was a nice healthy size and made with fresh avocados. It was creamy and full of flavor. The tortilla chips were fresh and tasty with a perfect crunch. The second appetizer was the Quesadilla, stuffed with cheese and steak with sour cream and pico de gallo. It was incredible. It was huge and delicious. Wow!

For dinner, Ria ordered the Steak Fajitas. They were awesome. The steak was tender and perfectly seasoned. She thoroughly enjoyed her spread of Fajitas.

Ren and I decided to try their cheeseburgers. Naomi told us that the meat at One South was excellent and she was right. We ordered two Bacon Cheeseburgers with cheddar cheese and grilled onions,prepared medium rare. We ordered creamed spinach as our side instead of French fries. When we took our first look at these cheeseburgers, our eyes lit up. When we sunk our teeth into them, they practically rolled back into our heads. LOL. They were unbelievable! The bun was dreamy and the beef was so fresh and tasty. We savored every bite.

Naomi was excellent and we really enjoyed chatting with her, which really enhanced our experience at One South. We came here with the intention of having a relaxing evening and it came true. There are many items to choose from and the food is delicious! We look forward to heading over to One South one day again soon.

Grey Goose Martinis, One South, Monmouth Junction, NJ

Grey Goose Martinis

Fresh House Recipe Guacamole, One South, Monmouth Junction, NJ

Fresh House Recipe Guacamole

Quesadilla, One South, Monmouth Junction, NJ


Steak Fajitas, One South, Monmouth Junction, NJ

Steak Fajitas

Cheeseburger, One South, Monmouth Junction, NJ


One South, Monmouth Junction, NJ

One South, Monmouth Junction, NJ

One South, Monmouth Junction, NJ

One South, Monmouth Junction, NJ

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