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Hanami, 15 Farber Rd, Princeton, NJ

The Squirt: Elegant Asian BYOB Restaurant with Great Food
Must Eats:  Sliced Chicken with Sweet Basil
Prices: Moderate

Hanami, Princeton, NJ

Hanami, Princeton, NJ

Hanami is an elegant Asian restaurant, located in Princeton, New Jersey. It has a very elegant style and a vast amount of visually appealing accents.

The furnishings at Hanami are very tasteful and classy. There is a sparkly crystal tree in the center of the main dining room that really adds to the elegance of the room.  There are a few additional rooms, as well as a sushi bar. If it is dark outside, and you are able to sit along the windows, you will be able to enjoy the view of the pretty landscaping and lighting outside of your window. Hanami definitely has an upscale feel to it, but the prices are pleasing and the portions are excellent. That is definitely a plus in our book.

Hanami has a really terrific menu with a large selection of Asian food. That was one of our comments we made to ourselves when we were trying to decide. There were so many items to choose from including Chinese, Japanese and Thai.

Our server for the evening was Lee. She was professional, yet had a great sense of humor.  She really entertained us with her great personality and lightheartedness. We were all really famished, so we ordered a little bit too much food but we did have some great leftovers for the next day.

All of the  food was delicious and came with an excellent presentation. For appetizers, we ordered soup and steamed House Dumplings.  The dumplings were especially great.  The dough was just the perfect thickness and the meat was very tasty.

For dinner we ordered several items for all of us to share.  We ordered Pepper Steak, Pork Lo Mein, Sauteed String Beans with Beef,  Sliced Chicken with Sweet Basil and Sauteed Spinach with Garlic. Every one of them was delicious. The flavor just jumps out at you.  The food was very pleasant to look at in addition to pleasant to eat.

For dessert we ordered the Fruit Platter which was like a small work of art.  The fruit was cut and arranged so nicely, that we felt bad dismantling it.  We also tasted Hanami’s delicious Gelato. Yum!

Our experience was terrific, thanks to Lee, the rest of the staff and of course the food. If you are hungry and you want to eat Asian food in an elegant atmosphere, definitely try Hanami.

Hanami, Princeton, NJ

Steamed House Dumplings

Hanami, Princeton, NJ

Sautéed String Bean with Beef

Hanami, Princeton, NJ

Sliced Chicken with Sweet Basil

Hanami, Princeton, NJ

Pepper Steak

Hanami, Princeton, NJ

Hanami Fruit Platter

Hanami, Princeton, NJ

The Hanami Tree

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