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Char Steakhouse, 777 U.S. 202, Raritan, NJ

The Squirt: Unique Atmosphere and Great Steaks
Must Eat: Pretzel Rolls
Prices: Expensive

Char Steakhouse, Raritan, NJ

Char Steakhouse, Raritan, NJ

Recently we had a great dinner at Char located in Raritan, New Jersey. Char has a unique feel to it, very dimly lit with an interesting style to it. The restaurant has a really cool outdoor fire burning which gives it a dramatic appeal. When you walk into the restaurant, you immediately see that it has a NYC feel to it.  There are a few different dining areas and a large bar in the center.  Make sure you eat within the bar area of the restaurant or the dining room in the front of the restaurant. If you sit in the front, you’ll be able to see the outside fire from your table which will really add a great feel to your experience, especially after dark.  The rear dining room is a bit too dark for our tastes and a flashlight is needed to even see the menu. The theme of the restaurant is “fire”, so there are a few displays in the restaurant that add to that theme. In addition, the preparation of their food reflects that theme.

The menu is a meat lovers paradise, and most of the items have a “charred” finish to them. Because of this, don’t expect to find Roast Prime Rib of Beef Au Jus on the menu. You will find charred rib steak, however. For those not in the mood for meat, there are a few non meat entrees as well. Keep in mind that the entrees on Char’s menu are all a la carte, so when ordering multiple side dishes, the cost can really add up.

Ren and I ordered a full bodied Catena Malbec to accompany our dinner. It was delicious. For starters, we ordered the Fried Calamari and French Onion soup.  Both of these items were great. I really enjoyed the spicy dipping sauce that came with the calamari. I am a saucy kind of guy, as you know. LOL.

For dinner, Ria ordered the 8 oz Fillet Mignon, being that the 12 oz was sold out. The taste was delicious and the meat was tender and tasty.  Ren and I ordered the 48 oz Porterhouse Steak for two. The steak was sliced for us and presented very nicely. The taste and texture was outstanding. We did, however, feel that $78 was a bit pricey for the amount of steak we received. Perhaps the bone, took up too many of the 48 ounces.

Each of our entrees came with a whole head of roasted garlic and I managed to eat every one of them!  I truly can’t get enough of garlic I guess. We did order a couple of side dishes, the Baked Potato and Sauteed Spinach, that were both great.

For dessert, Ria ordered the Chocolate Gelatto which came with a sizable 3 scoops!  Very nice! Ren and I had a delicious Ice Wine for dessert.

The food at Char was great.  We do feel, however, that the prices are a bit pricey, and are about as costly as other restaurants of higher distinction that we have been to.

Pretzel Roll, Char Steakhouse, Raritan, NJ

Pretzel Roll

French Onion Soup, Char Steakhouse, Raritan, NJ

French Onion Soup

8oz. Filet Mignon, Char Steakhouse, Raritan, NJ

8oz. Filet Mignon

48oz. Porterhouse Steak for Two, Char Steakhouse, Raritan, NJ

48oz. Porterhouse Steak for Two

Fire Tornado, Char Steakhouse, Raritan, NJ

Fire Tornado, Char Steakhouse, Raritan, NJ

Char Steakhouse, Raritan, NJ

Char Steakhouse, Raritan, NJ

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