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Witherspoon Grill, 57 Witherspoon St, Princeton, NJ

The Squirt: Top Notch Food, Service and Atmosphere
Must Eats: 21 Day Dry Aged Delmonico 14oz, Creamed Spinach, Two Hour Onions
Prices: Expensive

Witherspoon Grill, Princeton, NJ

Witherspoon Grill, Princeton, NJ

Witherspoon Grill is one of our favorite restaurants in Princeton, NJ. Take note that the same owners own the Blue Point Grill, which is also located in Princeton and one of our favorite restaurants as well. You can see our review of the Blue Point Grill on TwoSquirts.

Princeton is a wonderful town.  It has character, is culturally diverse and has so much to offer. It was a beautiful day when we chose to dine at Witherspoon Grill for our review. It was sunny and warm and the outside dining area was in full swing. There is a great big courtyard in the front of the restaurant, which is very popular as a gathering place for people.

The atmosphere of WG is classy and tasteful with white tablecloths. Weather permitting, the outdoor dining area adds a good amount of seating. However, we chose to dine indoors and admire the interior design. Upon entering Witherspoon Grill, we were given a warm enthusiastic greeting by Charles who guided us to our table which was a very comfortable booth.

Our server for the evening was Amanda.  She came over right away and gave us a bright greeting. Amanda can be described as very professional and polished yet possessing quick wit and warmth.  We really enjoyed our experience with Amanda.

The menu of Witherspoon Grill is excellent. Truly! Everything we’ve eaten there during the times we’ve been there is excellent. Their wine selection is top notch and they have a selection of reasonably priced wines, as well as much more expensive ones. They have a bevvy of appetizers, soups, salads, hearty meat selections and some seafood dishes as well. They also have a special entree for each day of the week which is an excellent value.

For starters, we all ordered the Baked “Five Onion” Soup.  Oh wow!  The flavor was outstanding. The onions were succulent and the cheese was too good to be true. Yes, we are cheese lovers!

For dinner, Ria ordered the 12 oz Filet Mignon cooked “medium”. Ren and I ordered two entrees to share: the 21 Day Dry Aged Delmonico 14oz and a special of the day, the Veal Porterhouse. We like to try two different entrees and have the best of both worlds. We ask for two dinner fresh plates on which to serve ourselves.

For sides, we ordered Scalloped Potatoes, Creamed Spinach and Two Hour Onions. Let’s start with the meats. All three were perfectly prepared and like “buttuh”. Oh wow, do they know how to cook meat. The Filet was ultra tender and flavorful. The Delmonico steak had a rich deep taste, due to the dry aging. It was perfect. The Veal was wonderful.

All of our sides were awesome!  The Scalloped potatoes were tender and cheesy and melted in our mouths. The Creamed Spinach was to die for and the Two Hour Onions were dee-licious!

Needless to say, we had a wonderful experience at Witherspoon Grill.  The atmosphere, the service and the food were all outstanding. We truly enjoy both the Witherspoon Grill and the Blue Point Grill and cannot say enough good things about them. They have a permanent place in our hearts and stomachs.

Baked "Five Onion" Soup, Witherspoon Grill, Princeton, NJ

Baked "Five Onion" Soup

Creamed Spinach, Witherspoon Grill, Princeton, NJ

Creamed Spinach

Two Hour Onions, Witherspoon Grill, Princeton, NJ

Two Hour Onions

12 oz. Filet Mignon, Witherspoon Grill, Princeton, NJ

12 oz. Filet Mignon

Veal Porterhouse, Witherspoon Grill, Princeton, NJ

Veal Porterhouse

21 Day Dry Aged Delmonico, Witherspoon Grill, Princeton, NJ

21 Day Dry Aged Delmonico

Witherspoon Grill, Princeton, NJ

Witherspoon Grill, Princeton, NJ

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