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Espetus Churrascaria, 1686 Market St, San Francisco, CA

The Squirt: Endless feast of savory meats!
Must Eats: Chicken wrapped with Bacon; Pork Tenderloin
Prices: Expensive (but worth it!)

Espetus, San Francisco, CA

Espetus, San Francisco, CA

Ren and I had a truly fantastic dinner at Espetus Churrascaria, in downtown San Francisco. The restaurant is a real gem, within an area of town that does not have many gems. It is refreshing to enter Espetus Churrascaria, as it is tasteful and warm with nice dark wood accents. It feels as though you are indeed in Brazil. We can say that from personal experience of being in Brazil. Everyone who works at Espetus Churrascaria, is warm and welcoming, one of the characteristics of Latins! ;-)

Espetus, San Francisco, CA

Green Means,

For 6:30 on a Monday evening, the restaurant became progressively busier as the night went on. That says a lot, as many restaurants tend to be slow, and therefore, even closed, on Mondays. Espetus is a Churrascaria, which means that if you are a meat eater and hungry, you will be in heaven. As in Brazil, this type of restaurant, will keep bringing many different hot skewers of various meats to you, over and over until you say STOP. It can vary by restaurant, but in general, just remember that Green means “Yes” and Red means either “I need a slight break”, or “I can’t eat any more!”. At Espetus Churrascaria, they have a little plastic apparatus, on each table, with a movable wheel that rotates from Green to Red to Green again. You are also equipped with a pair of tongs to help remove the meats from the skewer when they are brought over to your table. You choose how much you can eat, and what meats you want to eat. This is why, even though the price of this meal is expensive, it can totally be worth it. Ren and I tend to always get our money’s worth, so we were unbelievably happy.

Anyway, at this and at other Churascarias, there is a salad bar full of various selections to accompany your meal. Some places have more items, some have less, but you will definitely find some things to suit your tastes. Espetus had some great selections of salad items but also black beans, rice and a couple of other fish entrees. The black beans were yummy and the rice was great as well.

To accompany our meal, we chose a really delicious Malbec wine from Argentina. The Cariocas (i.e. locals as they are called in Brazil) tend to drink many delicious wines from Argentina. Argentina has an impressive wine industry and its proximity to Brazil, makes them very popular. What a perfect wine to accompany our Brazilian meal. For those of you who have not tried Malbecs, you should give them a try. They are deep red wines with a full body and smooth finish. This was right in line with that. Outstanding.

In addition to our main server, there were many more Brazilian servers, who came to us to bring us food and make sure we were well taken care of. Every one of them was exceptional.

On our table we were treated to a small but delicious appetizer which was comprised of two delicious light and fluffy cheese puffs, two fried bananas, and two fried polenta. Oh wow, what a great start to a delicious meal. It was so hard to decide which was our favorite, so we gave up. :-)

When we came back from our visit to the salad bar, the very attentive Brazilian servers, started their parade of skewers. Oh man! Each and every one of the selections was awesome. As they brought the skewers over, each one would ask if we were interested, and as long as our Green sign was posted, we said yes…LOL.

The meats were all bursting with juice and included skewered chicken, pork, beef, lamb and shrimp. There tended to be a few versions of each, whether it was some kind of parmesan encrusting, garlic or wine marinade, or bacon wrappage. :-) There was also skewered pineapple which was definitely tasty, in addition to the many meats. For the more daring diners out there, like me, there were also marinated chicken hearts, which I simply could not get enough of.

When we finally changed our sign to Red, after a good long time, we were satiated and deeply satisfied. Can anyone think of anything else that leaves you that satiated? ;-)

Our experience at Espetus Churrascaria really was excellent and truly enjoyable. Every one of the servers there was professional and attentive. There was never a time that we felt that we were not in good hands. They were also really great with our taking pictures of the skewers of meat, so we could show them to you. We do really recommend Espetus Churrascaria, for a really wonderful meat-fest of a meal!!!

Espetus, San Francisco, CA

Espetus Appetizer

Espetus, San Francisco, CA

Alcatra - (Top Sirloin)

Espetus, San Francisco, CA

Peito de Frango com Bacon – (Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast)

Espetus, San Francisco, CA

Coracao de Frango – (Chicken Hearts)

Espetus, San Francisco, CA

Carneiro – (Lamb Chops)

Espetus, San Francisco, CA

Espetus, San Francisco, CA

Espetus, San Francisco, CA

Red Means,

Note: We do recommend that if you are planning on walking to Espetus Churrascaria; that you choose daylight hours, otherwise take mass transit or a taxi, for added security.

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