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Cafe Colore, 4095 Route 1 South, South Brunswick, NJ

The Squirt: Great local Italian restaurant with relaxed atmosphere
Must Eats: Chicken Parmigiana
Prices: Moderate

Cafe Colore, South Brunswick, NJ

Cafe Colore, South Brunswick, NJ

When we are in the mood for some local Italian comfort food, we have plenty of choices, in Central New Jersey! We have reviewed a few of them already. One that we like to visit, but haven’t reviewed until now, is Cafe Colore located in South Brunswick, NJ.

Cafe Colore is in the same shopping center as another restaurant we’ve reviewed, One South,  on U.S. Route One (South, of course…lol).  It has a couple of attributes that we really enjoy- it is local, and it is a BYOB. Yay! One recent Saturday evening, we decided to hop on over for a delicious Italian dinner!

Our server for the evening was Shelly. We have had Shelly as our server for years and always have such a nice time with her. She always remembers us, and greets us with a smile. She came right over and told us all about the daily specials. They always have a long list of yummy sounding specials every night, it often makes it hard for us to decide what to get!

Our first decision of the evening was on the appetizer. Tonight, we wanted to finish the meals, so we opted to skip the appetizer. However, we have had their fried calamari in the past, and Shelly did tempt us when she described a calamari special with four different variations of fried calamari. But we stayed strong for you, our readers, and went right to the next course.

The dinners at Cafe Colore always come with a choice of soup or salad. Personally, we can never turn down their famous Italian Wedding Soup!  Tonight was no exception, as we all ordered yummy bowls of the soup!  They make theirs with tons of delicious mini meatballs, lots of scrumptious spinach, and nice soft little pastini balls. A perfect combination every time!

Italian Wedding Soup, Cafe Colore, South Brunswick, NJ

Italian Wedding Soup

For dinner, we ordered three different meals. Mom went with one of her favorites, Shrimp Parmigiana with angel hair pasta. It was delicious, as we can vouch for, since we sampled a few shrimp, just so we could tell you, our loyal fans!

Shrimp Parmiagiana, Cafe Colore, South Brunswick, NJ

Shrimp Parmiagiana

Roy & I split two meals to share. One was one of our staples there – Chicken Parmigiana. We opted to skip the pasta and ordered Sautéed Spinach instead. The Chicken was a large piece filling the whole plate and was smothered in gooey mozzarella cheese and plenty of their tasty sauce!

Chicken Parmagiana, Cafe Colore, South Brunswick, NJ

Chicken Parmagiana

For our second entree we had to try one of the scrumptious specials! It was a NY Strip Steak marinated in a chimichurri sauce! We do like things spicy ,and you all should know by now that Mexican food is a major favorite of ours, so to get some chimichurri steak in an Italian restaurant, was a perfect combination to us!  It was served with some gnocchi. Even though we usually go light on our starches, we gobbled them all up!  They were delicious!

NY Strip Steak, Cafe Colore, South Brunswick, NJ

NY Strip Steak

So if you are in the mood for a nice, local, home-town feeling meal, and you are in central New Jersey, you should definitely check out Cafe Colore, in South Brunswick. Be sure to ask for Shelly, and tell them you read about them on!

Check out Cafe Colore’s website for more information:

Be sure when you visit Cafe Colore in South Brunswick, NJ, that you say that you were referred to them by Roy and Ren from

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  • Anonymous

    Mmmmm as usual, everything looks delicious. Italian Wedding soup is one of my all time favorites!

  • Anonymous

    wow you sure know how to live, eat, have fun and write great reviews! If I didn’t live in Colorado, I would have to join you on one of your tastings!

  • Anonymous

    I have seen other locations of this restaurant. Have you been to other locations?

  • Anonymous

    So does the name Cafe Colore mean colored coffee or hot coffee or something else?

  • Roy and Ren

    Hi GiftParty! Actually, it means cafe color. Coffee is Caffé in Italian! (isn’t google translate helpful? Lol) thanks for reading and thanks for leaving us a comment!

  • Roy and Ren

    Hi MsPiazza
    Hmm, you’ll have to let us know more about other locations. Have you been there? Let us know!
    Roy & Ren

  • Roy and Ren

    Thanks Kemcap!
    Thanks for reading all the way from Colorado. We appreciate your comments! It makes us feel so good when our readers leave comments! If you are ever in the area, we’d love for you to join us for a review!
    Roy & Ren

  • Roy and Ren

    Oh and they really make it sooooo good at Cafe Colore! We ALWAYS get it when we go there!

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