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Trattoria Mediterranea, Bedminster, NJ

The Squirt: A great place for delicious Italian Food in true Italian style
Must Eats: Vitello Parmiagian; Any of the Pasta Dishes
Prices: Moderate

Trattoria Mediterranea, Bedminster, NJ

Trattoria Mediterranea, Bedminster, NJ

On a recent extended weekend, we sought out a special new restaurant to review for our favorite TwoSquirts fans. Many of you are always giving us wonderful suggestions of new restaurants to review.  We do always remember them and keep them in the back of our minds. This particular one came from our friend, Sari. She recommended Trattoria Mediteranea in Bedminster, NJ.

Trattoria Mediteranea is a wonderful little BYOB Italian restaurant in Bedminster, NJ. They offer authentic, family-style Italian food, including delicious homemade pastas.  You know it’s authentic, as the chef and co-owner, Chef Michele, was born and raised in Calabria, Italy!

The night we were there, there was a huge party in the main dining  room. Although it was a little noisy, it certainly didn’t stop us from enjoying the delicious food!  We were in a cozy little room to the right with four tables in it, and a nice view out the window. Our server for the evening was Lisa. Lisa was cordial and polite, and as the evening progressed, we warmed her up even more.

Once we were settled in, Lisa came right over, opened our special bottle of Barolo red wine we brought with us, and told us the specials for the evening. Everything on the specials and the regular menus sounded so good, it was hard to make up our minds!  When Lisa told us that all the pastas are fresh and homemade, we knew we had to include some pasta in our selections!

We were starving and needed to get some food in our tum-tums, so first up we ordered the Pane Aglio e Olio. It was a delicious homemade, Italian style garlic bread topped with delectable cheese! It was so light and crunchy with just the right amount of garlic, oil and cheese. We devoured it all!

Pane Aglio e Olio, Trattoria Mediterranea, Bedminster, NJ

Pane Aglio e Olio

Now for our meals. Ria ordered one of the specials: Short Ribs of Beef. They were served with roasted potatoes and sauteed escarole. The short ribs were tender and scrumptious. The potatoes were yummy and soft.  This dish was perfectly prepared!  We had a few bites, so we can vouch for that!

Short Ribs of Beef, Trattoria Mediterranea, Bedminster, NJ

Short Ribs of Beef

We started with two entrees to share; Pollo Ripieno & Vitello Parmiagian. After we placed our order, we kept thinking about the homemade pasta. that Lisa had highlighted to us. We did really want to order something with fresh, homemade pasta, so we put in an order for a third entree- Veal & Beef Stuffed Canneloni.

First up, was the Pollo Ripieno. It was an organic chicken breast stuffed with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, & spinach and then topped with a light cream sauce.  It also came with some sauteed greens.  This dish was so very flavorful, tender and bursting with flavor.  We really enjoyed it so much!

Pollo Ripieno, Trattoria Mediterranea, Bedminster, NJ

Pollo Ripieno

Next up was the Vitello (veal) Parmiagian with homemade Linguini – our first taste of their delicious pasta!  The veal was delicately prepared, so tender and lightly breaded with the perfect combination of sauce and cheese. Fresh does not even begin to describe the delicious linguini. We tend to pass on the carbs, but there was no stopping us with this delicious pasta! Mmmmmmmmm. We still think about this veal dish to this day. We WILL have to go back.

Vitello Parmiagian, Trattoria Mediterranea, Bedminster, NJ

Vitello Parmiagian

Our third entree was the Canneloni. This was pure perfection of meat and pasta!  We were so glad we added it on to our order, for sure!  Again, the pasta was homemade, and rolled with a heaping amount of ground beef and veal. It was topped with a delicious red sauce and delectable béchamel sauce. The flavor of this dish was phenomenal – it melted in our mouths and was bursting with flavor!

Canneloni, Trattoria Mediterranea, Bedminster, NJ


For dessert, Ria ordered homemade cream puffs. They were deelish!  Lisa tried to tempt us with some homemade Italian sorbets, that she made herself. Being that we had already eaten so much, we  turned her down, but she brought us two little scoops to sample anyway- one scoop of hazelnut and one biscotti. We liked the biscotti the best, but we also really enjoyed the hazelnut.  All of our desserts were so yummy and hit the spot. We really did have a nice dinner at Trattoria Mediteranea. We look forward to dining there again, when they don’t have a large party in action. We are sure it will be even nicer than this time.

Homemade Cream Puffs, Trattoria Mediterranea, Bedminster, NJ

Homemade Cream Puffs

Check out Trattoria Mediterranea’s Facebook Page for more information:

Be sure when you visit Trattoria Mediterranea in Bedminster, NJ, that you say that you were referred to them by Roy and Ren from

Trattoria Mediterranea, Bedminster, NJ

Trattoria Mediterranea, Bedminster, NJ

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  • Jennifer Reid Dedrick

    I just finished breakfast but my mouth is watering…that looks amazing

  • Anonymous

    Sounds yummy! So much food!

  • Anonymous

    They had me at the pane…

  • Anonymous

    Just when you thought you couldn’t eat again after Thanksgiving!

  • Roy and Ren

    It really was Jennifer, and we look forward to going again!

  • Roy and Ren

    We’re still thinking about it to this day, Ms. Piazza!

  • Roy and Ren

    Lol. The Pane was delicious, light and crunchy, GiftParty!

  • Roy and Ren

    We can eat anytime, Kemcap! We never have a problem. Hee hee

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