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The Saloon, Newtown, PA

The Squirt: Historic Outside, Contemporary Inside – Excellent Food!
Must Eats: French Onion Soup & Veal Chop
Prices: Moderate to Expensive

The Saloon, Newtown, PA

The Saloon, Newtown, PA

Recently, we had the opportunity to dine again in Newtown, PA, and we were delighted with yet another excellent meal. This time we ate at The Saloon. The name of this restaurant is a bit deceiving.  The name comes from the fact that the building was built in 1836, and over the years has taken on many functions.  The building has served as a private residence, a jail, a hospital, a church, a speakeasy, and indeed, was also once a Saloon.  Once you go inside, you see that looks (and names) can be deceiving!  Inside is a sleek, contemporary dining experience.  Once inside the doors, you will totally forget that you are in a historic building that is over 150 years old!

The Saloon, History, Newtown, PA

The Saloon, History, Newtown, PA

The food is definitely not Saloon food!  First off, our wine.  We don’t know of many local pubs that serve such a delicious Carmen Sauvignon Blanc from Chile as we had!  It had fresh citrus fruit flavors that really had a nice kick.  It was definitely a wine with some oompf!

Our server for the evening was Max “with an X”!  He was very attentive and helpful.  We especially liked his signature move of making an “X” with his index fingers, so that we were sure to know his name was Max, and not Matt. Lol.  We had a full, busy day, and we were hungry.  So to get us started, all three of us ordered the French Onion Soup.  Our long-time readers will know that French Onion Soup is one of our favorites, and we quite often order it.  And in this case, man, were we glad we did! The French Onion Soup at The Saloon is amazing!  Just the right amount of gooey cheese, soup-soaked bread and delicious, savory onions!  It was served in a large crock, but we couldn’t get enough!

French Onion Soup, The Saloon, Newtown, PA

French Onion Soup

So now that our appetites were whetted, we were onto the main courses!  Ria opted for one of the specials.  It was a Wild Mushroom New Zealand Veal Chop.  It was a 13 oz. pan roasted veal chop that would have normally been served with a wild mushroom ragout along with mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus.  As you know from reading our reviews, all you have to do is ask, and most places will customize any dish for you, even one of their specials.  The Saloon was no exception.  Max (with an “X”) was very accommodating, and Ria was able to order it with no mushrooms and no asparagus.  :) Regardless of what it was served with, this veal chop was amazing!  It was so thick and juicy.  It was perfectly prepared! (Yes, Ria, allowed us to sample some, of course!)  The picture below will make your mouth water, for sure…..

New Zealand Veal Chop, The Saloon, Newtown, PA

New Zealand Veal Chop

The Saloon offers a variety of seafood dishes, prepared in various different ways. Each fish dish can be served with either Salmon or Tilapia.  We ordered both of ours with the Salmon.  The first was Salmon Olivia.  This delightful concoction was sautéed with black & green olives , sliced zucchini & roasted red peppers in a white wine sauce.  Our second dish was the Salmon Toscano.  This delectable dish was pan seared and topped with roma tomatoes , basil and prosciutto in a white wine butter sauce.  On both, the salmon was perfectly prepared, light and flaky, and not too well done – just the way we like it!  The flavor combinations were outstanding.  I don’t think we could decide which one was better!  We also look forward to returning to the Saloon, so we can try some of the other dishes, as well as trying some with the Tilapia!

Salmon Olivia, The Saloon, Newtown, PA

Salmon Olivia

Salmon Toscano, The Saloon, Newtown, PA

Salmon Toscano

All in all, after a long, busy day, The Saloon, was the perfect place to relax and celebrate!  It had a feeling of being in a historic setting, yet inside, a relaxing contemporary restaurant, with delicious flavor combinations!  We will definitely be returning to The Saloon for more Good Food, Good People & Good Times!

The Saloon, Newtown, PA

The Saloon, Newtown, PA

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  • Anonymous

    You had me at the onion soup! Everything sounded wonderful!

  • Anonymous

    Wow this Newtown, PA sounds like the place for Good Food, Good People, And of course, Good Times!

  • Anonymous

    I love historic restaurants. I am also so hungry right now I want the Veal chop Ria ordered (and the Salmon Olivia and Toscano)! No dessert this time?

  • Roy and Ren

    Thanks Ms. Piazza! Sorry, no dessert this time! Everything else was so yummy and fulfilling, no room left for dessert! Hee hee

  • Roy and Ren

    It certainly is, Kemcap!

  • Roy and Ren

    Thank you GiftParty! The French Onion Soup is really one of our favorites…. :)

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