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The Black Horse Tavern, Newtown, PA

The Squirt: Historic Inside & Out, One of the Best Filet Mignons EVER!
Must Eats: Did we mention the Filet Mignon?
Prices: Moderate to Expensive

Black Horse Tavern, Newtown, PA

Black Horse Tavern, Newtown, PA

Hello TwoSquirts Fans!  If you are new to our blog, then Welcome!  We hope you enjoy, and stick around!  If you are a loyal reader, then welcome back, you are in for another mouth-watering TwoSquirts review, from your fav foodies, Roy & Ren! :)

Well, once again, we have found ourselves in historic Newtown, PA! We have been drawn to the town recently, and one of the reasons is most certainly the food! ;)   This time we are in yet another historic building.  According to the sign, the Black Horse Tavern was built in 1747.  We couldn’t find anything on the history of the building for you, and we are sure it has housed many fine establishments since 1747, but apparently, it has been the Black Horse Tavern since April 2010!  There is a historic feel both on the outside and the inside, but the food is certainly modern and delicious!

First off, some logistics.  The Black Horse Tavern is right in downtown Newtown, so plan time to find a place to park, and walk to the restaurant.  Luckily, right across the street, behind the Starbucks (Yay, Starbucks!) there is a municipal parking lot, with free (yes, you heard that right, FREE!) parking!  There are also two entrances to the building.  On the actual corner, is the entrance to the Tavern part of the Black Horse Tavern. When we arrived, that is the entrance we unknowingly entered.  It wasn’t busy at the time, but one could imagine that later in the evening, you may not want to maneuver your way through the bar.  On the side of the building there is another entrance.  Upon entering, the friendly host will take you right up a staircase, to the main dining room on the second floor.  It is so nice upstairs in the main dining room, with a warm fireplace, with candles arranged nicely inside.  You almost forget you are on the second floor of a building built in 1747!

Hummus Platter, Black Horse Tavern, Newtown, PA

Hummus Platter

So, as is usual with us, we were hungry and ready to get to some food!  We had a variety of servers helping us through our feast, but the first was Danny.  We also had Glen, and Adam.  (On the way out, we found out Adam is one of the proprietors and one of the sons of the owner Michael!)  He brought over some bread, with some yummy sun-dried tomato puree that was amazing.  That held us over for our order of hummus.  As this wasn’t a Mediterranean themed restaurant, we were surprised to find hummus on the appetizer menu, but Yaza! was this ever some good hummus! It’s kind of hidden by the pita in the picture above, but we promise you, its there!  Oh, and the Pita that was served with the hummus was delicious!  We requested multiple orders of the pita, even after we ran out of hummus! Lol.

Roast Pork Loin, Black Horse Tavern, Newtown, PA

Roast Pork Loin

So next, it was on to our main entrees.  After some sharing and swapping, we actually ended up sharing all three, so let me just get to the descriptions for you!  First up, was actually one of the specials.  It was a Roast Pork Loin.  The Pork was actually wrapped in bacon and then roasted.  It was served with a brown sauce with a variety of things in it, peas, and such.  The most amazing part of this dish was not the pork, though.  It was the gnocchi (and the sauce).  The chef, Michael Sultan, had actually come around to the tables, to see how they liked everything, so we got a lot of tid-bits for you all on how he makes certain things.  The gnocchi are actually hand made everyday, and were truly the high point of the dish.  If you are able to order any dish with the gnocchi when you go to the Black Horse Tavern, do it! Hee hee.

Hanger Steak, Black Horse Tavern, Newtown, PA

Hanger Steak

Next up,was a hanger steak, medium rare.  It was served with some fluffy dollops of mashed potatoes and asparagus.  The hanger steak is a flavorful cut of steak, and theirs was no exception.  What really makes the steaks here at the Black Horse Tavern, is the demi-glaze reduction sauce.  This sauce was out of this world!  Michael explained to us that he cooks this sauce at such a low heat, that it actually takes FOUR days for it to cook.  It really ensures the flavors are ready to burst out of the reduction sauce and into your mouth!  All that extra pita came in handy – we didn’t let any of the sauce go to waste!  And luckily, this wasn’t the only dish that was served with it!

Filet Mignon, Black Horse Tavern, Newtown, PA

Filet Mignon

Now, for the king of steaks at the Black Horse Tavern, the Filet Mignon.  All of the meat they use is Certified Angus Gold.  Now we aren’t sure exactly what that means, but we know it means that is is absolutely dee-li-cious!  We honestly have to say, that this is quite possibly one of the absolute best filet mignon we have EVER had in a restaurant  EVER!  It was served with the mashed potatoes and asparagus, as well as the fantastic reduction sauce.  Our filet was perfectly prepared, medium rare, and was so tender, it practically melted in your mouth.  It was like butter.  If there has ever been a dish that we recommend you simply MUST order at a specific restaurant, this is that dish!  This was another plate that I don’t think they had to wash.  After we were done with it, one may have wondered if there was ever any food on it at all! LOL

Homemade Brownie, Black Horse Tavern, Newtown, PA

Homemade Brownie

Well, our readers, we are going to tell you something shocking.  All of that delicious food, must have put us in a delightful mood, because your TwoSquirts, Roy & Ren, actually ordered dessert! Hee hee.  Michael asked us if we wanted to try his homemade salted fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream on top.  We could not say no to that!  It was warm gooey chocolaty goodness, cooled down with a scoop of (melting) creamy vanilla ice cream.  We savored each bite, knowing that we don’t frequently order dessert.  But this is a lesson for you all – everyone needs to be good to themselves once in a while, and splurge on something extra yummy.  Give yourself a treat and enjoy!


So as you can tell, we had another fantastic meal in Newtown, PA, one that we hope we will be able to experience again someday.  One interesting thing to note, especially if we got your mouths watering.  We heard, directly from the chef himself, that in a few weeks, he is switching over to all all Tapas menu.  Hopefully one of those tapas, will include the fabulous filet mignon, and we are sure that all his tapas are going to be as wonderful as the creations we had.  But we thought it was only fair to warn you, that you may have to get there soon, to enjoy the dishes as we have described to you here!

Black Horse Tavern, Interior, Newtown, PA

Black Horse Tavern, Interior, Newtown, PA

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    Well guys. I think you need to make a return visit. And let us know what you think about The Black Horse Tavern now. Would really like to know

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