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Lilly’s Cocina Loca, Newtown, PA

The Squirt: A festive Mexican treat!
Must Eats: Guacamole & the Short Rib Enchilada
Prices: Moderate to Expensive

Lilly's Cocina Loca, Newtown, PA

Lilly's Cocina Loca, Newtown, PA

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of a leisurely stroll through the streets of Newtown, PA, enjoying their Second Annual “Takin’ it to the Street” Summerfest block party. Not only was the block party a blast, but we also came across Lilly’s Cocina Loca. We peeked in and saw a cute little Mexican getaway, in the heart of Newtown, on Sycamore street. As it was still early, and we were enjoying the street festival, we made reservations for dinner.

When we arrived for dinner, the place was bustling with diners enjoying the evening. We were seated at a festive glass table adorned with bright colored napkins, and a few sombreros, to boot! We selected a bottle of wine, only to find that they were out of it. Turns out they don’t really sell too much wine – we guess most people opt for the margaritas! Our gracious waiter, Phillip, actually said it was only the 3rd bottle he’s ever served! Regardless, it was an enjoyable white wine!

As we quite often do, we started with an order of the fresh, homemade guacamole! This guacamole was the perfect combination of creamy avocados, garlic, onions, lime and cilantro! They served it with delicious house made chips, freshly prepared corn tortillas and even some fried flour tortilla chips that were amazing! It was so good (and we were so hungry!) that we even forgot to take a picture to show you all! (We will go back and be sure to update this with a photo, one day soon!)

Three Amigo Enchiladas, Newtown, PA

Three Amigo Enchiladas

Our review from here is a simple one, because we all ended up selecting the same meal! We got three orders of the Three Amigo Enchiladas in a row. It was three different types of enchiladas, 1 Pulled Chicken, 1 Ground Beef, and 1 Pulled Braised Short Rib. They were indeed served in a row, and covered in ranchero sauce, and drizzled with delicious Mexican crema! While all three were yummy, our favorite by far, as you can see above in the must eats, was the Pulled Braised Short Rib Enchilada. I can’t say if we’ve ever had a Baised Short Rib Enchilada before, but I do know we will be having them again – the next time we go to Lilly’s! Maybe even two…or three! :)

Lilly's Cocina Loca, Interior, Newtown, PA

Lilly's Cocina Loca, Interior, Newtown, PA

So the next time you have a craving for Mexican food, and you are in the Newtown, PA area (or near their other locations in Doylestown, PA & Lambertville, NJ) we definitely recommend you try Lilly’s Cocina Loca. We are certainly looking forward to returning, and trying some more of their delicious Mexican delights!

Lilly's Cocina Loca, Newtown, PA

Lilly's Cocina Loca, Newtown, PA

Check out Lilly’s Cocina Loca’s Website for more information:

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