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Five Napkin Burger, Hell’s Kitchen, NY

The Squirt: Truly Wonderful Burgers and More – Great Prices!
Must Eats: Pork Taquitos, Original 5 Napkin Burgers
Prices: Low to Moderate (Higher with Cocktails)

Five Napkin Burger, Hell's Kitchen, NYC

Five Napkin Burger, Hell's Kitchen, NYC

A few days ago, Ren and I had the opportunity to eat at Five Napkin Burger in the Hell’s Kitchen section of NYC. We had been there before in the past, but only for martinis.  This time we were able to enjoy the entire experience.

It was a really cold day in NYC , but we were quickly warmed up by the wonderful food of Five Napkin Burger. The atmosphere is really New York! One can see how popular it is by the crowd inside. We had a slight wait, but it was definitely worth it. There is both a large bar area and a big dining room area, and both of them get jam packed.

Five Napkin Burger, Hell's Kitchen, NYC

Five Napkin Burger, Hell's Kitchen, NYC

The menu of Five Napkin Burger is pretty large. There is plenty of wine, beer and cocktails to choose from. There is also a vast array of starters, sushi rolls, BURGERS, entrees, and plenty of sides. They also offer fish tacos and shakes. If you can’t find something to eat there, you are an exception.

Our server for our adventure was Joseph S. , but he said that he was “Just Joe”. That was fine with us. He was very efficient and friendly. To drink, we decided on one of our staple cocktails, Grey Goose Martinis with a twist of lime. Oooh la la. They were deelish… and ample in size as well!

Grey Goose Martinis with a Twist of Lime, Five Napkin Burger, Hell's Kitchen, NYC

Grey Goose Martinis with a Twist of Lime

For our starter we decided on the Pork Taquitos, which were really delicious. They consisted of miniature taco shells filled with roasted pork, queso fresco, salsa and drizzled with sour cream. The presentation was picture perfect. The taste was wonderful. The seasonings were right on. We actually could have easily eaten a few orders of these, but that would have been a bit pricey.

Pork Taquitos, Five Napkin Burger, Hell's Kitchen, NYC

Pork Taquitos

For our entrees we ordered two Original 5 Napkin Burgers, cooked rare. This burger comes with 10 oz of custom ground beef, caramelized onions, gruyere cheese, rosemary aioli, on a soft white roll. When I tell you this burger was delicious, I mean it. The taste of the beef was so fresh and rich. Truly wonderful! The cheese and onions combined with the soft roll really skyrockets this burger to one of our favorite burgers of all time. Our eyes really rolled back into our heads as we ate them. We cannot say enough about them.

Original 5 Napkin Burger, Five Napkin Burger, Hell's Kitchen, NYC

Original 5 Napkin Burger

The crowd in the restaurant was fun loving and such a great blend of people from all walks of life. To the one side of us was a table of four friends, enjoying each others company and chatting. We started chatting with them, after Gary was kind enough to give us a sample of their Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip starter. He had seen me admiring it and it was great that he let us try it. Definitely delicious! The four of them were really great and a lot of fun. Let’s give a shout out to: Gary, Tina, Maria, & Jennifer.

On the other side of us, were Maria and Keith.  They were in NYC for a couple of days from Delaware. Maria had ordered the Egg Benedict Sliders which were 2 oz. beef sliders with cheddar cheese on an English muffin and topped with Béarnaise.  I think I could bathe in Béarnaise, I love it so much!  Man, they looked delicious and she confirmed it to us that they were awesome. Now for a shout out to Maria and Keith.  Hope we enhanced your trip to NYC.

Five Napkin Burger is a really great place to get a delicious reasonably priced meal at any time of the day.  The food is fresh and innovative.  The service is friendly and upbeat.  The atmosphere is typical NYC.  We had an exceptional time and look forward to dining there again.

Now THAT's a Rare Burger!!! Five Napkin Burger, Hell's Kitchen, NYC

Now THAT's a Rare Burger!!!

Check out Five Napkin Burger’s Website for more information:

Make a reservation today for Five Napkin Burger, Hell’s Kitchen using Open Table.

Five Napkin Burger is located:
630 9th Ave
@ 45th Street
New York , NY 10036

Give them a call at (212) 757-2277!

Be sure when you visit Five Napkin Burger in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC, that you say that you were referred to them by Roy and Ren

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