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Pat’s Colonial Kitchen – Newtown, PA

The Squirt: Best Breakfast in Newtown, PA
Must Eats: Sausage Eggs Benedict, Meat Lovers Omelette, Strawberry Jelly
Prices: Reasonable (Serves Breakfast and Lunch Only)

Pat's Colonial Kitchen, Newtown, PA

Pat's Colonial Kitchen, Newtown, PA

Pat’s Colonial Kitchen is a really exceptional little restaurant located on South State Street in Newtown, Pennsylvania.  It is located within the historic Whitehall building which was originally a hotel from 1843 to 1979.  During the early 80′s is almost burned to the ground but it reopened in 1983 after being extensively renovated.  Pat’s is family owned and has a feeling like you have stepped right into someone’s home. There are plenty of smiling faces and colonial decorations on the walls. There are also a good amount of signs on the wall that promote good energy. They are open 7 days a week for breakfast and dinner only. Before we went there for the first time last year, we had heard so many people from miles around, raving about Pat’s for their delicious breakfast. Needless to say, we tried it back then and have kept going back ever since. One thing to remember is that Pat’s is only open from 7:00 am until 2:00 pm every day. But they do serve both breakfast and lunch during those hours.

Pat's Colonial Kitchen, Newtown, PA

Pat's Colonial Kitchen, Newtown, PA

Pat’s is truly a warm and fuzzy experience. The servers are all friendly and casual, as well as the one of the owners, Lisa. When you step in Pat’s, you know you are going to have a great meal. The last time we had breakfast there, we had Judy as our server, but we have also had Bernie and Ginny.  Judy always makes me feel like a move star when we go in. She says that I look like Jeremy Renner, and always asks when my next movie is coming out. I certainly don’t mind that at all. :-)   Thanks, Judy.

Pat’s offers all of the traditional breakfast entrees and always some specials of the day.  Always wait for your server to mention the specials because one of them might tickle your fancy.  They offer really good home cooking, so be prepared to eat a lot when you go there.  They have an extensive amount of breakfast selections as well as sandwiches, quiches, burgers and salads. There is really something for everyone.

Two Eggs Over Easy with Bacon, Pat's Colonial Kitchen, Newtown, PA

Two Eggs Over Easy with Bacon

Today, Ria ordered her usual two eggs over easy with bacon and home fries. She truly loves this breakfast there. The eggs are always perfectly prepared and the bacon (and sausage) has great flavor. Their home fries are really awesome, soft and full of zesty seasonings.

Meat Lover's Omelette, Pat's Colonial Kitchen, Newtown, PA

Meat Lover's Omelette

Ren ordered one of our Must Eats- the Meat Lovers Omelette. This omelette is packed with good stuff like cheese, ham, bacon and sausage. It comes with the same delicious home fries on the side. We always order our omelettes cooked soft, and they do them just right. The Meat Lovers Omelette is always awesome. The flavor is really terrific. Ren also ordered a short stack of Pat’s pancakes on the side, He really loves his pancakes!

Side of Pancakes, Pat's Colonial Kitchen, Newtown, PA

Side of Pancakes

I ordered the Eggs Benedict with Sausage patties instead of the usual Canadian bacon. I really love Eggs Benedict made with sausage. Oh wow! The flavor is wonderful and their Hollandaise sauce is really perfect. It is also great to have the sauce to dip my home fried potatoes into.

Sausage Eggs Benedict, Pat's Colonial Kitchen, Newtown, PA

Sausage Eggs Benedict

Pat’s also features really delicious homemade jams and jellies. The one they always have on the table is the strawberry jam. Oh wow! When we say their jam is good, we mean it!  Just slather it on your toast, pancakes, English muffin etc, and you will just go crazy over it. It is addictive. By the way, don’t you just love the word, slather? LOL

Pat's Colonial Kitchen, Newtown, PA

Pat's Colonial Kitchen, Newtown, PA

When we talk about Good People, Good Food, Good Times, we always have all three at Pat’s Colonial Kitchen. This place really gives you a real idea of what Newtown is all about….a wonderful Quality of Life.


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Pat’s Colonial Kitchen is located:
Give them a call at (215) 860-0570 ‎ !
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