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Pat’s Colonial Kitchen – Newtown, PA

The Squirt: Best Breakfast in Newtown, PA
Must Eats: Sausage Eggs Benedict, Meat Lovers Omelette, Strawberry Jelly
Prices: Reasonable (Serves Breakfast and Lunch Only)

Pat's Colonial Kitchen, Newtown, PA

Pat's Colonial Kitchen, Newtown, PA

Pat’s Colonial Kitchen is a really exceptional little restaurant located on South State Street in Newtown, Pennsylvania.  It is located within the historic Whitehall building which was originally a hotel from 1843 to 1979.  During the early 80′s is almost burned to the ground but it reopened in 1983 after being extensively renovated.  Pat’s is family owned and has a feeling like you have stepped right into someone’s home. There are plenty of smiling faces and colonial decorations on the walls. There are also a good amount of signs on the wall that promote good energy. They are open 7 days a week for breakfast and dinner only. Before we went there for the first time last year, we had heard so many people from miles around, raving about Pat’s for their delicious breakfast. Needless to say, we tried it back then and have kept going back ever since. One thing to remember is that Pat’s is only open from 7:00 am until 2:00 pm every day. But they do serve both breakfast and lunch during those hours.


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