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Pithari Taverna 28 Woodbridge Ave, Highland Park, NJ

The Squirt:  Great BYOB restaurant for excellent authentic Greek food.
Must Eat: Arni Souvlas; Beefteki
Prices: Moderate

Pithari Taverna, Highland Park, NJ

Pithari Taverna, Highland Park, NJ

Ren and I went for Greek food at Pithari Taverna with our good friends, Stephanie and Dina.  Ren had never had Greek food before and this was the perfect time to have him try it. Pithari is a really excellent authentic BYOB Greek restaurant located in Highland Park, NJ. It has a really excellent atmosphere which makes you feel like you’ve stepped right into Greece. We picked a Friday night, which is a busy night at Pithari and kind of loud but it was a really great experience anyway.  The tables are close together so it was great that we had good table neighbors, Ron and Brian.  They were a lot of fun and it was enjoyable sitting next to them. (more…)

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